Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Stitchgathering 2016

There are events which punctuate my quilting year. The festival of quilts has become an annual semi colon along with the Cullen quilt retreat. The Edinburgh Modern quilt guild jaunt to Gartmore house looks to become a staple too. And then there is the stitchgathering! Wow what an amazing event. Organised by the lovely Jo Avery of Mybearpaw this has become the sewing event of the year in Scotland! Every year I don't think Jo could make it any better but it just keeps on getting more and more sooper awesome! A meal out on the Saturday night is now a regular occurance. A pre event to break the ice and have a few laughs.    
Above is the gorgeous Pam who made have led me astray on the old alcohol front .... Not that I need much leading astray mind next to her is the gorgeous Lucy from Skinnymalinky fabrics. 
Below is the sooper Nicky Eglinton and the lovely Mrs Moog who had a stinking cold poor soul. That did not stop her having a huge laugh though! Great night.

There were swaps !! This is the stunning badge I got from @cuckooblue the lovely Poppy how ace is this!
            This is the potholed I made for @theoriginaltrash I loved making it.    
                                    There was a badge swap! I got a boob full of badges 😊😊 thanks to @gingerscribble for organising that one.  
     This was my badge, me and my lovely boy Bud.

Morning class was with Julie Rutter @forestpoppy we were making bucket totes. Great pattern really good instructions.
 There was a show and tell at lunchtime where I got to show off the silk quilt which was finished the day before!

The afternoon was spent with the amazing Trudi Wood attempting to master Free motion quilting won't say it's mastered yet but I am feeling way more confident now after Trudis expert advice!!

The ticket this year was a house block, this is mine.
 I took away 20 of the blocks to put together for a siblings together quilt. Watch this space for progress on that!
 There was a tombola at lunchtime! Look what I got a Threadhouse pattern from Lynn Goldsworthy!
 And of course there was the goody bag!! Every year I think Jo can't make it any better but she does. Huge thanks to the sponsors.

Huge huge thanks to the sponsors, goodness the goody bag just gets better and better every year!! So many thanks to:

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  1. It looks like a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad you got to show off the silk quilt!