Friday, 30 September 2016

OMG!!!!! It's off the FAL2016 list!!!! Silk is done ....

This is going to be a loooooong post but then again this has been my longest ever WIP it was on My FAL Q3 list and it had been on every FAL list for 6 count them 6 years!! So forgive me, indulge me or skip to the end or go and read another blog 😊
It started at the FOQ seven years ago. My chum Irene came running up to me saying there was this amazing lady demoing the most fantastic techniques. Intrigued I went to here stand and met the lovely Pauline Ineson, we both bought her book:

We both thought this was an amazing quilt to make and bought all the silk and calico and other stuff needed for it. I got stuck in and made a few of the test blocks, even made this box to hold the blocks in.  

So I got stuck in and made the center block  

I even made a blue version as a mini for a swap.  

I did two other blocks, the applique and the cut work ones  


  And theeeeeennnnnn I hit a wee glitch, well ok I got struck down with stage four cancer .... Cue six months

chemo. If you know anything about chemo you will know it does affect your cognitive processes, it saves your life - whoop whoop! But concentrating on something as involved as this was out of the question for at least 18 months. Ok I felt I could get back to this eventually but it did seem like a huge mountain to climb, might have been the addition of middle aged hormones .... So I did a few more blocks. The puffing one time four    

Then I hit another speed bump. So I took it to a quilt retreat and spent the entire weekend working on the corner trapunto bloc, times four ...    

 I had put this on the FAL list yet again this year and at this
point I knew there was precious little chance of me ever ticking it off, or was there?? With the help of a wonderful cheer leading team (yes you Archie!!) I determined to finish it this year, so I stopped everything else and just concentrated on this and this alone! Soooooooo


  Oh god the one above almost broke me, really it did ....  


Ohhhh am I done?? Just got to put it together .... Cue a mahoosive amount of quilt wrangling ...  


Righty Ho! Just a few wee borders to put on, no probs there eh???  


Wrangle wrangle wrangle  


Oh? Is it done?? Sniff, *gets misty eyed* I took it along to the stitchgathering where folks were nice and said it was pretty 😊 Here is me and Jo showing it off at the show and tell.    


Would you like a fuller picture of it??? Well hold on a minute I'll get my long suffering husband to hold it over the balcony (he's a keeper)    


  I do love it, it feels weird not having it kicking around the sewing room it's been a part of my sewing life for so long, while I was sick it was a beacon, something which would mark me *being well again* then it just seemed like a bit of an albatross. Now it's more like a  rite of passage. And oh my goodness didn't I learn soooooo much about my sewing machine!! 14 quid this book cost and I learned about £500 of sewing lessons from it. So thank you Pauline for your wonderful book which led to my lovely quilt, I do love it. I will finish off with this pic of the blue mine I made simply because this stupid blogging app won't let me delete it! But it is pretty 😊😊😊😊 


  1. It was so good seeing this in the flesh. What an epic achievement.

    1. Thank you so much! It does feel epic!

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  2. I'm so proud of you!! Enjoy that prosecco!

    (Now, what's next to be struck off the list?!!)

    1. I did enjoy it! That's all off the list for now, am working on list for Q4! This has been my best year ever!

  3. I still can't believe it's finished! I'm thrilled for you and looking forward to seeing what you tackle in Q4. Congratulations on your finish, and thank you, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts, for taking part!