Friday, 13 May 2016

Barcelona the one where I went on a cable car

For people of my era, you can only hear the soaring tones of Freddie Mercury when someone says Barcelona! Aww Freddie, such a loss.

A yahoo our holiday plans have been a bit disrupted by Mr Budsmams hike across Iceland later this year. So we were later in going on our spring break.

But it was well worth the wait!! Oh my goodness how amazing is Barcelona! Right I'm going to keep this text light, but a favourite visit was to Monjuic, a hill fort. You could walk up there, or you could take the furnicular railway most of the way, or if you suffer from vertigo like me you could take the cable car ..... I am always trying to challenge my vertigo .... What an eejit!

That is obviously not me! It's Mr Budsmam looking a bit serious. I managed to pluck up the courage on the way down to open my eyes AND put my glasses on and take a picture! Going up was a different matter especially when the car stopped midway and just hung in the air!

The fort itself was lovely, not a huge amount to see but lovely gardens.



They had an art installation, flowers of peace, it was installed to challenge the history of the fort which had been used for and against the inhabitants of Barcelona throughout the years. The colours were amazing.






Patchwork inspiration everywhere!
They even put flowers of peace around the cannons!

This was a spot where there had been a monument to General Franco, now there are sunflowers.

Much more on Barcelona to come!

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