Sunday, 29 June 2014


Blimey, three years later and the top is done ..... I still can't quite believe it. Is it possible to get emotional about a quilt? Well of course it is. I calculated that I started this in 2011 just before I got hit with cancer, I made about 30 blocks during that time. Only 10 or so blocks in 2012 and 13 respectively. I struggled so hard with the itty bitty templates. I discovered the yahoo group early this year and got flying with the foundation patterns from there. What a difference! I managed 60 blocks this year.

Two days of solid piecing have resulted in this!


I am investigating long arming options for this, I think it deserves it. So strange to feel it is done after all this time.

Here is a wee close up:




Friday, 20 June 2014

Bespoke sewing table




Apologies for dreadful picture quality but they were taken in a friends garage, I now owe this friend big time cos he hacked and ikea ingo table and I now have my very own bespoke sewing table!!

Now this is not a tutorial, there are plenty of those on t'internet. We looked at several of them and use bits from each.

Soooooo this is the finished result



Pretty nifty huh? Here are some (very grainy) action shots





Yep I said quality of pics wasn't good!

So what do I think?? I think that for fifty pounds this is a pretty awesome table, I have quilted a small lap sized quilt on it and not having to drag is over the hump of the sewing machine is pretty fab, for normal sewing too I get a much better view of the sole plate and what's in there and I also get a far better view out of my window as the machine isn't blocking my view!

Things to bear in mind - give yourself at least a day to do this, you need someone with a relatively good knowledge of DIY plus tools, jigsaw is a must plus spade bits for your drill. Read lots of the tutorials on the Internet they all have slightly different advice and ways of doing it, decide which suits you best.

And have fun! Me and my chum David had a blast.


Thursday, 12 June 2014

FFS blogsy!

Apologies for language, I had a lovely blog post all ready then blogsy went and deleted it all. Ok ok I deleted it all with a careless swipe of the finger .... Story of my life.

I can't actually remember what the post was about! Think it was about finishing up stuff. Well let's pretend that's what it was about!
I'm desperately trying to get stuff finished. So this weekend it was all about the scrappy trips, I got two quilt tops worth out of the scrappy trip along so far, big one above and ickle one below.