Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 a year in quilts, the stats etc

Well that was a bit of a year wasn't it?? It all started with the #apquiltalong which resulted in this quilt


Along the way we finished the farmers wife

And it's finished with some hexies


So what's gone on in between??
Well almost 40 quilts have gone to linus ... Blimey. I sometimes wonder about linus, how much of a difference does a quilt make? This has been answered twice this year. A few weeks ago a friend on facebook sent me a message about her chum whose child is having stem cell treatment, they had been given a linus quilt and said how much comfort they had cuddling under it.
By far the most 'in Yer face' reminder of the power of a quilt was during delivering quilts to a local respite care home. One of the care workers was so keen to show me around. She was telling me all about the quilts they have recieved from linus. She was telling me about Sammy a young child who had loved his linus quilt sooooo much, Sammy went every where with his quilt. Sadly he passed away but his mother knew how much his quilt meant to him so she made sure it came back to the care home so it could be used for other children. At this point the care worker pulled out the quilt ...... Yep it was one of the first ones I ever made and donated to linus about 7 years ago ......
This is now faded from washing.
Blimey budsmam had to quickly make her excuses and leave.
So, for 2015 my goals are to continue to enjoy my sewing and continue to support linus in whatever way I can, never underestimate the power of a quilty hug.
So many many quilty hugs to you all, whatever you do make sure you grab life by the cajones xxx


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Q4 finish - stash bee quilt

Second on my list for quarter 4 was to make up the blocks from this years stash bee, I chose a simple block, I really just wanted the colours to dominate. Almost all of my quilts are bright and colourful so this time I picked black and white with red on the binding.



Finish Along 2014



Sunday, 7 December 2014

More Q4 finishes!

Third on my list was to do something with all the hexie flowers I have been accumulating. I decided to machine applique them to solid backgrounds.

Off as ever to Project Linus.





Finish Along 2014



Well its done! The inlaws quilt is off to its new home ... its been a stormy relationship. Highs lows (the flat dusky pink fabric ...) but the inlaws love it and thats the main thing. My favourite part is the ribbon border, surprisingly easy to do and very effective. Tatty bye inlaws quilt enjoy your new home.


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Patchwork room reorganisation

I guess we all have a special relationship with the place we sew in. I know I am lucky to have a whole room to sew in and it is a very special place for me.

It has had a daybed in it for as long as I can remember but we decided to move that to the spare bedroom, ditching the double bed which took up too much room in the spare room.
Anyhoo I was worried I might not like it. I loved that wee day bed, used to lay on it looking at the design wall (aka piece of fleece) seeing blocks and tops in a new light.

One of the most important parts of the patchwork room is mini bud

When we said goodbye to real life Bud a lovely lady from Twitter knitted a mini me of bud, another lovely lady send him gifts, his baskets collar, bowl etc. the wonderful wacky world of Twitter. Mini bud guards the fabric from the fabric thieves.
Anyhoo, he is still the big honcho of the room, he just now sits on the table.
Two chairs are now where the daybed was and I have moved some of the tables. There is now more room on the floor for laying out quilts for basting which is good.

Most importantly there is still the peace, tranquility and zen of the old room.

So, new layout is a hit.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Fraserburgh, a love story


I think it is fair to say my relationship with my home town of Fraserburgh has been stormy. I left there in 1982 an angry mixed up teenager. It has taken me over 30 years to see that it is actually a wonderful place. I thought I only had bad memories of it, but a school reunion showed me how wrong I was.

These two lovely ladies I have not seen for a few decades but within minutes it was like we were 15 again and plotting mischief.
Soon we were strutting our stuff under this:
whoah yes baby, I still haz my moves :-)
Blimey it was amazing, you have a view of yourself, you see yourself in a very definate way, but people come in and turn that upside down.
I am still trying to unpack it all, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
It reminded me that as the great Burns said 'O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us'
I love Fraserburgh, the Broch, the beach is my safe haven, I always jog there when I go home, rain or shine, nothing says Scotland like a shiny red nose!


In my youth it was the tennis courts, Andy Murray would kill for moves like these:


Moving on swiftly, Fraserburgh you have shaped me, you taught me and maybe now after a turbulent 50 years I can see what you mean to me and you mean a lot.



My granny is far left looking at me, she has the most fab hat on. I am the sulky one far left with pudding bowl haircut.


Oh dear here I am leaning over the crib giving some poor soul what for ....


Me, the lovely Mary and Jill, also Stephen Rennie, he was the infant school heart throb.


Above is me and Mary outside my grans house, I caught up with Mary at the reunion and she has not changed one bit.


The best thing about the Broch is that it still holds my beautiful big Sis, always there to look after me, she added Mr Freud to the picture ...

Huge thanks to these lovely people for making the dream reunion come true.






Saturday, 15 November 2014

Q4 FAL, i haz a finish!!!

Whoof! Here it is:

 This was no 4 on my list apple core paper piecing from the lovely Fiona who taught this at the 2014 Stitchgathering I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with this, it sort of grew into a cushion. I used a charm pack from Japan Crafts
Drum roll ..... after much encouragement from lovely Lynz I put in a zip, how easy peasy was that, its zip a go go from now on for moi!

Finish Along 2014

At first I was afraid ...

Well I think I can say now I am NOT petrified of the sewtogether bag. I made a trial one a few months back and I recently made 3 in one go - yea me!
But I seem to have lost most of the pics I took of them in progress, doh.

This is the inner of the bag I was making for a friends little boy robots, rockets and spacemen.
This is the outer, he loved it!
This is the inner of the one I made for my chum, pink is her favourite colour, I saw this fabric and thought of her.
I made one in blue for my sister as well but I dont seem to have a picture of that. Boo!
Anyway, sewtogether, I love you.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Saving for best

When I was growing up the idea of 'saving for best' was incredibly common. There were thing unused, chairs and sofas left unsat on because they were being saved for best.
I still don't have a clear idea what 'best' was or is. An important visitor? Clothes kept for special occasions? I try not to keep to this, things are to be used. I love seeing my quilts sat on, wrapped around, draped over doggies.
So I needed a pouch for my bag for work, was going to whip one up then realised that unconsciously I had been, saving this one 'for best'
Not anymore, it's happily snuggled in my work bag, being used. As it should be.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

A wee lowie

My gran used to have a coal fire, she loved seeing a wee lowie, don't know quite how that translates. It's more than the heat, it's about the dancing flames, the colours. I would love a coal fire but that's a bit impractical so at the moment I will stick to a wee lowie from my halogen heater.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I did a thing

Whoah yea baby, I only went and blooming abseiled off the Forth rail bridge! Uh huh, indeedy.

Why? Because I can, that's why. I realised when I was sick how quickly you can loose your health, so while I have it I am blooming well going to use it!

It also raised money for CHSS, chest heart and stroke Scotland, in memory of my step father Sandy who suffered heart problems most of his life.

Sooooo this Sunday my (long suffering) husband came with me to South Queensferry. To say it was blawin a hoolie (gale) would be a tad understated.

But that didn't deter me, people had paid hard earned cash for me to do this, as I went up the bridge I kept muttering, 500 quid, 500 quid, that's what the sponsorship was at, now it's at 570!!!

Anyhoo. You get kitted up then walk up to the bridge, you get clipped to a line and stand in a queue for an instructor. That's me far right.

Once an instructor is free you go to him, he puts all the lines through your gear and tells you how to feed the rope through. Then you have to step onto a girder by squeezing yourself through the railings. This is me stepping onto my girder. I'm in the blue jacket.


Then all you have to do is step off .... Yeah right that's all you have to do!! But it was fine, the instructors and all volunteers were amazing, I felt totally safe.


I need you to be honest with me though, does my bum look big in this??


Here is a nice shot for scale


Aaallllllmost there

I DID IT!!!!!!


Feel free to comment about the look on my face, everyone else has!

And the rain started just as I headed back to long suffering spouse who was eating cheesy chips.

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me, you are a fab bunch.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Testing testing, or in other words is it over between us flickr?

I loved flickr, please note the past tense ... I used to have a string of groups there, no more, had to go pro to upload more pics, no more.
It's not instagrams fault, if flickr still had the same functionality as before then fine I would switch between the two. But now I need two apps on the iPad to do what I used to do with one .... Enough.
So I'm trying something new, uploading to picasa, please don't laugh at me!! I can't upload to blogger from ipad as it screws up picture resolution and I'm crap enough at taking pictures on my own thank you very much!
So here we go, picasa do your thing and show off inner body of one of the three sew along bags I am currently in the throes of making:

Pretty in pink !

From BIBs to BOOBS

I feel as if I am in a quilting berserker rage at the moment, me and my chum are going to America next year and will visit the quilt show in paducah. To say the levels of sooper excitedness chez budsmam are stratospheric would be an understatement.

But .... I feel the need to clear out the old fabric to make way for all the shiny new stuff I *may* acquire when I am across there.

So the plan is to turn all my BIBs (blocks in boxes) to BOOBs (blocks out of boxes) i.e. made up quilt tops.

Looking out all my bibs I came across these cute wee things. Every festival of quilts I have tried to do a class by Catherine Nichols, her free motion quilting is amazing, her text FMQing is just stunning, I can't find much of her work online to show you but here is her website.

She is such a lovely lovely lady too, so nice, her classes are always a treat.

This was the first I did with her, she gave us a screen printed panel to FMQ over. My skillz need a bit of honing ....


This was the one I did this year:



Thank you Catherine for giving me such lovely memories and lovely classes.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lets talk about stress baby

Whoof! Well it's been a fair old time chez budsmam, not health related but last week fairly smacked me in the face with a sizeable chunk of stress. All receding (ish) now but leaving a fairly discombobulated budsmam in its wake.

My saviour through all this? Well apart from fabbity husband my sewing has been my saviour. I seem to have assembled *ahem* 6 or 7 quilts tops ..... My next FAL finish is going to be EPIC :-)

So what do I take away from this rather nasty episode? Think less, sew more and bollocks to the rest of it. Yep that sums it up ;-)

So quilt wise what did I make? The hexie quilt top is made:


Ive been doing these cute wee hexies on my daily commute for months now, nice to get them all put together.

I had some left over plus I had some EPP blocks which were in a pile of stuff given to me by a work colleague when she cleared out her mothers house. I think her mother would be happy with what I did with them, both tops of course ae going to project linus.