Friday, 2 August 2013

The mindfulness of it all

Ok I'll brush the dust off the blog, but hey a week is not too much of a gap ... I've been on holiday the last two weeks and again have been reminded of the mindful nature of patchwork. We had a totally disastrous holiday, the hotel was Fawltyesque in it's awfulness, and we paid a lot of money for it. So Mr Budsmam and me came home feeling a bit deflated and a bit down. So what better than a day or two of sewing to set the mind to rest? Honestly I don't know anyone who does any kind of craft who does not refer to it as their 'therapy' and it is. It's difficult to be raging furious mad with something when you are wrangling with elmers glue and a 'flange' what a wonderful word 'flange'is. So here are the results of my mindful sewing fest: Et voila, two blocks for the pile o fabric skill builder block of the month: The above complete with several flanges The below with lots of curves: So now I am chilled and the memory of hideous, nasty smelly hotel is distant thanks to the healing powers of thread and needle.


  1. Needle and thread are wonderful to keep the hands and mind productively busy. So sad your holiday wasn't as special as you had hoped but on with the next thing.