Sunday, 7 July 2013


I love lists, I'm a librarian it's in the blood to love lists. I have a gazillion productivity apps on the iPad which help me make lists.
I was slightly horrified when I actually used one of these to figure out how many things I have on the go at the moment ...
--> stitch gathering ticket
--> lanyard for stitch gathering
--> farmers wife
--> silk quilt
--> craftsy BOM 2013
--> hello moon
--> pile o fabric skill builder
--> marks mum and dads quilt
--> layer up and bind hot chocolate quilt
--> layer up and bind shadow box
--> layer up and bind sew a row
--> layer up and bind b&w runner
--> curvy quilt
--> craftsy BOM from 2012 FMQ
--> star blocks FMQing

Flipping heck, that's a biiiiigggggg list but it's a lovely day and I am aff oot on my bike first before tackling said list.
Before I go have a little bug on a leaf saying hello to the moon:

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