Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cautionary tale from the patchwork room

Disaster has struck. I'm lucky enough to be in the scrappy trip around the world bee. I have five blocks to make, I made three dud blocks, at least half an inch too small due to seam error. But I persevered, spent lots of time carefully picking out fabrics my fellow bee members would like. I bought little packets of mother of pearl buttons to put in the packages, lovely postcards with vintage images of edinburgh on them to write a wee note on.
So all done ready to post off. I couldn't be bothered moving sewing machine to set up cutting mat on table so I just trimmed them up on the floor. I went into sewing room to have my lunch on Friday and had a cup of fruit tea with me that I laid down on the floor .... Well I don't really need to tell you want happened next, this picture paints a thousand words, there was not a single block left unruined. Needless to say a lesson has been learned.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Couldnt believe i was so stupid, wont be doing that again!

  2. Feel for you! We have all had days like that....


    1. Thank you! The upside is I have now rearranged room so there is a cutting table, no more fabric on floor