Monday, 18 March 2013

Keeping it in the cloud

This whole demise of google reader really got me thinking. What should and what shouldn't I keep in the cloud? Then I happened to use an old laptop I hadn't used in a while, found some old pictures of quilts I hadn't seen in ages. I am changing phones and found again lots of pics on the old phone I had forgotten about.
This is what annoys me, lots of stuff all over the place, I am a librarian, I love order damnit! So I spent a fair chunk of time migrating pictures from various devices over to Flickr, then I deleted them from the various devices.
Flickr don't you dare die on me now *stern face*
Ok so I want to chronicle everything on here as well, as a back up and if google ever kills off blogger I will go and hit google with my big stick.
Next phase is making sure I have everything on here as well and I keep everything up to date on here. Full of optimism as ever eh Sheila :-)
Here are some of the old pics I found:
A quillow I made for my mother years ago, I think I had labyrinthitis while I was making this, might account for wonky stitching.

Some Bargello runners I made for mum from Christmas fabrics, no excuse for wonky stitching on these ...

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  1. I was just thinking about that whole Google Reader thing myself. Love your intro to this post. Us humans are all 'creatures of habit' and I don't think we like to have to adjust. Unless it is done gradually.... Love the Bargello runners you made for your Mum!