Thursday, 28 March 2013

I don't do scrappy

I find scrappy quilts, well, difficult. I like order, I like a plan and scrappy quilts never seem to me to have much of either of those.
I'm a Librarian, I do order, it's in the genes.
So I surprised myself when I decided to do the sew a sampler quilt from Popular patchwork. I started on it while up at my chum Irene's a few weekends ago.
Here is first row, quite neatly uses up a whole pile of 2.5 squares I had laying about.

Here are rows 2,3&4 a bit loud, but those are my scraps, they are loud!

And row 5

I am just about to put row 6 together, it's a bit more muted as there are appliqu├ęd flowers and stems to go on there, I want them to stand out.

I got two bias makers in a shop sale last year, been itching to use them and making the stems for the flowers on row 6 will be an ideal opportunity.


  1. You may not like scrappy but I find your combos very attractive!

    1. Thank you!i just think I need more confidence in doing scrappy, I have another 4 rows of this to do so hopefully that will give more practice :-)