Saturday, 16 March 2013

Google reader

Well if you follow me on twitter you will have seen much wailing and gnashing of teeth and the demise of google reader. Honestly google, know your fan base please! You are keeping google+ and getting rid of reader??
Anyhoo, it got me thinking, lots of folks were warning about keeping our 'stuff' for want of a better word in the cloud.
Well if the cloud were to spontaneously combust tomorrow I would be stuffed about my stuff!! Most of my stuff is in the cloud, this blog for example. This is where I document, or try to, all of my quilting projects, keep pictures and a running commentary on them. Ok so the world won't end without my blog but I would be a bit miffed to say the least. Flickr too *gulp* everything is in Flickr and I mean everything ... Working across multiple devices it's impossible to keep up with what pic is where, so Flickr is essential. Since Flickr is a paid for service (well the premium version anyway) there might be less chance of it going. I am now dipping my toe into Instagram, I know I know, keep up Sheila. So what happens with all that stuff? Although I get the feeling Instagram is more ephemeral in nature? Who knows, well I will once I have dipped my blooming toe in the water :-)
So those are my musings, no conclusions, but I feel there never will be.
And since this is supposed to be a quilting blog have a random picture of a quilt.


  1. I just joined Instagram this week - bwquilts. What is your user name? I would like to follow you...

    1. How lovely! I am Budsmam, I will try and find you to follow, am getting the hang of Instagram, slowly!