Sunday, 26 August 2012


It's been a while! Can't believe I haven't posted in August yet. Tsk tsk, I keep thinking I need to get better photographs, but if I wait till I am a better photographer then I will never post .... I am going on a course in October, fingers crossed that will improve things.
So I am dipping my quilting toes into the swapping waters. British Quilt Swap 3, it's a mini quilt.
I was intrigued by my partners mosaic and likes and dislikes. I quickly decided on a very traditional quilt. My partner mentioned she liked machine embellishments so the light bulb went off (doesnt happen often!) and the idea of the silk quilt centre from the Heirloom silk quilt crystallised.
So here is the progress, starting with all the different petals


 There are four different petals, you need to make four of each. I think my favourite are the lightest ones here. They are the most fun and least stressful to do.
Then you need to sew them all together in a circle.

The centre piece is next, I couldn't decide between the light centre

Or the dark one

I let my partner decide, and dark it was

I have candlewicked round the outside and now just need to put on backing and binding. Oh yes must not forget the label!

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