Sunday, 31 December 2017

A posh cup of tea

Last post of 2017, ive had a blocked ear for over two weeks. Drops did nothing,  docs refuse to syringe nowadays so i went private.
Snow was heavy, i struggled to get into Edinburgh but i did! Walked four miles there and back to audiologist but i got my ear cleared.  Its a small thing but small things matter.
I treated myself to a posh cup of tea to celebrate.  Cute teacosy 😀 🐣

Thursday, 28 December 2017

This is four table runners ...

Obviously this is not four table runners! It is actually four finishes combined from my FAL Q4 proposed finishes numbers 7,8,9,10 to be precise. Well i was going to make four table runners but then when i got down to it, i had this gorgeous pink paisley pattern fabric that went so well with the charm packs. But i couldnt use it up in just one table runner, so i thought and i thunk and then came up with this! I also needed something bright and cheery to keep my spirits up and boy did this one do the trick! So i dont know if its elgible as it is changed so much from the origianl proposal but hey its the taking part that counts! And this will go to siblings together which makes me happy.

Jenny Haynes, Pappersaxsten quilt top

OK, i may have gone at Q4 with a vengeance! Yep another finish from the FAL Q4 list number 2 to be precise. This was from the workshop the EMQG ladies did with the rather lovely Jenny Haynes @pappersaxsten i chose to make the sunflower cot quilt
I had quite a bit of Heather Ross fabrics left over from a baby quilt i made earlier this year, so i threw in some sheep and unicorn greys for the center.
Those wee dancing ballerinas are ace arent they!
Annnnnnnd just enough IKEA pink polka dot for the back and binding.

Twisted snowball with Zen chic True Blue

Q4 has been pretty epic! Another finish from my list!! Number 12 to be precise, it was a last minute addition but i got cracking with this at the Thistle Patch retreat. It was such a quick and easy pattern from Pam and Nicky Lintott, snowball with a twist. I so wanted to use up my zen chic True blue layer cake, i adore the effect. Its been really really grim trying to get pictures in the grey Scottish winter so this is the best i could do!

I used up some meterage of camper van fabric, fun and cheerful. This one will either go to Social Bite quitl drive by Jo Avery or Project Linus.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Using up precious scraps

It's done!! Number four on my proposed finishes for Q4 I had some quite substantial scraps left from my Petra Prins quilt. There was a sweet cross pattern from a schnibbles pattern book and hey presto we have a sweet wee quilt.
I even backed it with Liberty thanks to my huge stash of cheap seconds! I like it.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Skipper Mark

Do you remember the big bad snow of 2010? Towards the end of it there was a huge big dump of snow when I was at work and we got sent home. I couldn't get my car out of the station car park, scoobs was stranded on the motorway and I was six miles from home. There was max two hours of light left. Now the sensible thing would have been to go to a hotel. But Bud was home and I knew he would stress if he had to mess inside. I couldn't bear it and also I was pissed off and fed up with the snow. Angry with it. So I set off and walked home on the frozen canal paths. It was totally stupid light was fading as I headed into Bonnybridge one false move and I would have been in the frozen canal but I was determined to get home to my boy. All was well but when I went up north and told my family I got such a row, mum was mad at me my sister was mad at me. There was only one cheeky wee face who grinned at me and said "bet you never felt so alive!!!" That was skipper Mark, my beautiful nieces husband. We said goodbye to you far too soon, heartbreakingly too soon. But that's how i will remember you, sweet cheeky gentle and gorgeous.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Gartmore, last visit of 2017

A night away with this lovely man?? No contest! 
A lovely meal followed by a few drinks in front of the fire.
I just love this place it feels like coming home.


Christmas cushioning along

And we have a finish!!!! In the giant christmas cushion along 2017. Love this event, any excuse to bust out the snowmen pandas 😊🐼
This year and last years cushions make a nice pair.