Sunday, 13 September 2015

My friend Samuel




I think I explained before why on all social media I am budsmam. Bud was my beloved dog. Always here in my heart.

So my email is budsmam@

As luck would have it someone else has budsman as their email address.

Two years ago he got an email meant for me, he forwarded it on to me and copied in the original recipient.

He didn't just forward it, he left a really funny message for us both, when I replied thanking him he wished me well with my quilting.

Over the past two years Samuel has patiently and humorously forwarded on any emails which have gone astray.

This morning I was tired ratty and a bit burned out. Then up popped a forwarded email from Samuel.

Thank you Samuel you always brighten my day, I don't know why you are budsman, but I am so glad my almost namesake is such a nice person.