Sunday, 13 January 2019

FAL 2019 Q1 proposals

Blimey another year another FAL!  Right eyes down for the first proposal list of 2019, when on earth did it become 2019 ....
No.1 - New York Beauty in Tilda
I have had this pattern by Jo Avery in my sights for a while, could quite see what fabrics i would use. I got a gift voucher as a leaving present from my last job and bought some FQ bundles of Tilda Bird Pond. This quilt I will keep for myself, it wont get done in a day but im looking forward to it!

No.2 - Farmers wife 
SO CLOSE!!!! this is off to the fabulous cumbrianlongarmer for her to work her magic. i even have the binding all ready to go when it comes back. soooooooon my pretty
No.3 Neptune and the Maiden 
OK i have finally cut into this amazing bundle of fabric. I just decided on a simple star pattern to highlight the incredible prints. Ill see how much i get out of this bundle.
No.4 One more Cup of Coffee - Lucy Engels
aww man i have been collecting Lucys fabric since she started printing. I adore her fabric and she is from the same area as me to boot and a sooper luffly person as well :-) I have her pattern, i have the templates from Jenny Haynes. i just need to make it so.

No.5 Liberty Lone star
I commited to making 2 Alice Caroline SOS quilts this year. Its not like i dont have much liberty ...

 No.6 Liberty scrappy trip
See No 5!

No.7 Jo Avery Tea for 2
I love a Jo Avery pattern! I collected all of these patterns from Today's Quilter. I wanted to do it in bold fabrics, inspiration hit when i thought about using Japanese metallic and a bold green as the back ground and the backing, the vase fabric! got it at FOQ last year.
No.8 Panda linus quilts
I keep it quiet ... but i love pandas :-) and i have a fair bit of panda fabric. I need to use this up. How cute would a simple charm square quilt be made of this?/
No.9 Liberty porthole mini
No thats not a euphemism :-) I need to make this for a fussy cut challenge.
No.10 Michael Powell cross stitch
When a chum found out how much i love Michael Powell designs she unearthed a x stitch of his she had never got round to finishing. its lovely pattern, venetian windows.
No.11 Michael Powell bookmark
I always buy a bookmark from Michael Powell at the FOQ, this might be the last one i buy because im all Kindle now but i use them for my patchwork books.
No. 12 Tresna scarf
Woot woot! i have started knitting! I have the wool I have the pattern, just now need to fit in another 24 hours in the day. 
No. 13 Ridge cowl
well this is my first new knitting project from my beginners knitting class, had a blast, loved it.
No.14 Book nerd quilt
ARRRRRK, i was going to stop above but i cant have 13 on the list .... anyhow i was intending to do this pattern this year. I think i will make it my 'big scraps' pattern. There will be a few big scraps coming from some of the quilts above which will be perfect for this.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Not quite Christmas

What a classy burd eh? i love a travel lodge i really do and they break the journey up to my mams. Its a killer of a journey, all that sitting still is not good for my creaky old joints.
So i have started to stop off in Aberdeen to break the journey North. this was my supper :-) (not the entire bottle of gin mind!)
Sitting chilling reading my book
I love the beach, this must be Britains most Northerly caravan park ...

yes gin in a water bottle ...
The evil Tiggywinkle and I had a truce for the season ...
My sisters knitted glittery tea cosy :-)

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Hand piecing

Whoo! what a raft of blog posts! well i have a lot of catching up to do .... I have started another quilt along, the BOM from todays quilter by Carolyn Foster. She does it all hand piecing, im trying to avoid that as much as possible but did have to do some for this block. I do like it though. another fun bright quilt i think.

Bespoke gin mat

I wont deny this christmas has been a struggle. i was not prepared for the tsunami of grief which came with the one year anniversary of loosing a loved one in such a tragic manner. I know others have a greater grief to bear but mine is here and i couldn't seem to stop it in December. t
The poor ladies from Killearn had to mop me up when it was the one year anniversary of his death. I had to avoid the new office christmas party lunch as it was on the one year anniversary of the funeral. I spent most of the day in tears.
I simply could not face christmas this year. I wrote no cards apart from immediate family and bought only two gifts, Mark and my mam.
I felt rotten but simply could not participate.
So this present touched my heart so much and this is what i will remember from christmas this year. The lovely Cath - cumbrianlongarmer sent me a bespoke gin mat :-) i cant capture the glittery fabric so you will just have to take my word for it :-) how lovely is this.
So I wont remember the sad times just the lovely generosity and kindness of heart of people you meet on this journey.
Lloyd loving my christmas card!
Miss Mhari mowse quickly snaffled the star ornament! While Mini Mini Bud got the teacayk ornament!

Emmaline bag

Pant pant pant, busy getting blog psots done ahead of the deadline for Q4 of this year FAL!!! 
I am SO chuffed with this, No. 9 on my Q4 FAL list An Emmaline retreat bag, this is a free pattern a FREE pattern! and how well  written it was, a delight to work with. and so quick, in total i think it took a couple  of hours. Pattern from Emmaline bags
I love the fabric. I remember buying it at the 2017 FOQ Im fairly certain lovely Ruth also bought it. I still have tons left!
I loved making this so much I have sent away for the wires to make the bigger size which has a slightly more complicated looking inner pocket but the pattern is so well  written i dont think it will be an issue.

Reveille part deux

No 6 on my 2018 Q4 FAL list I had a weakness for charm packs ... please note the past tense. My lovely quilty friends Ruth and Claire are under strict instructions not to let me purchase any more at the FOQ. I love them but what the heck do you make with them? the only patterns i could find meant you had to cut them up impossibly small, im just not up to that any more. I do have a few left to use up but this quilt did use up a fair few of them. The pattern is Reveille from 'Another bite of schnibbles" I love the big border i added to size it up for siblings together. Its an early Zen chic line. It gives it a fuzzy out of focus look which i love.

Doesnt everyone baste over the bannisters :-)

I played bobbin chicken and won!

Year of scrappy triangles

This was No  2 on my 2018 FAL Q4 list A year of scrappy triangles by Leila Gardunia this was such a fun sew along. Great free patterns and i will use them again I think. What always amazes me about scrappy quilts is that they seem to generate more scraps than they use! 
Hey ho, it will go to Project linus where i hope it will be loved.