Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Random acts of kindness

I was in a lot of pain when my shoulder first went in January,  a lot of pain. Surviving on a few hours sleep per night,  sometimes on the floor.
Now this isnt a pity me post. Its a thank you post. We have a local bookseller who comes on campus a few times a year who saw me struggling. Next day she came in with two adult colouring books and some brownies!!  How kind is that.
One cheap pack of glittery gel pens later and I am converted. Thank you local bookseller lady, you made me very happy.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


I swore off swapping last year. I had a good experience in the swaps I had done but there is a certain amount of pressure that comes with a swap that I didn't like. Just a me thing, so I decided not to do any more meantime.

Then along came two that I had to participate in. The blueberry park one using Karen Lewis fabrics and the dsshwood one.

I have enjoyed both but again am reminded of the pressure, - deadlines, checking in, trying to like and comment on all the posts. I know for a lot of people this is part of the fun but for me it creates a bit of a worry. Have I commented on my partners posts enough? I won't know until I have received it and find out who my partner is. Have I created something my partner will like?

Anyway this is what I made for the blueberry park mini swap. Fabulous paper pieced pattern by Tracey jay quilts. Karen Lewis made a version of this originally from the book then and now quilts by Joyce Dean Giezler.

Shocking picture, the light in winter is horrible here.

I had no idea what to do about the back so made this memory block from the book, 500 quilt blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green.

The dsshwood swap, well my partner said she loved Mori Girls, so I waited and waited until they came out and I could find a supplier.

My first idea of four of these blocks joined together didn't really work, the patterns are a bit too big and needed a bigger block.

So I went back to the memory block I used for the backing for the blueberry park mini swap! Here it is in dsshwood mori girls. I like it and more importantly so does my partner *phew*!

The other block I made will go on the back.

In other news the neck and shoulder are feeling better, not fully well but good enough for a weekends sewing!

Walking in the footsteps of Socrates

Oh snort! Hark at me getting all classical!! I was a bit grumpy about going to Greece, it wasn't a holiday but with work and I really just wanted to stay at home. But when I was there I thought I should better just make the most of it.

It was hard work and lots of travelling but I didn't manage to spend one morning at the Parthenon. It was amazing, loved it, it was quiet and sunny. Loved it.

We stayed at Thessaloniki first.






Then off to Athens, on the Sunday we got to walk round the agora.

We needed sustenance first ....




Teaching on Monday.


We had lots of technical issues, so a restorative beer was needed ...

Breakfast Tuesday.



Acropolis before heading home.








Saturday, 20 February 2016

Testing testing

Trying new blogging app. I usually use blogsy on the ipad. Trying app for my phone now. Lets see how this goes!
Hmmm it seems to have autorotated my pic..  Lets see if it publishes like that.