Cinema 2018

This blog is all about creating memories, remembering things. This page is just to remind myself of all the films I see at the cinema with my lovely husband Mark (ower Scoobs)
*update!* so in 2018 i saw 46 movies which means that each movie cost under a fiver or put another way all the films i saw after July were free :-)*

Films 2018
Homes and Watson
I simply cannot believe that this steaming pile of keich will be the last film i see this year!!!! i might try and squeak another in but probably this will be the last and it was truly dire!!!! not even so bad it was good if you know what i mean! hey ho the joy of the unlimited card means i can take a punt and not be too upset if a film is rubbish!

Spider Man - Into the spider verse
fabulous, great animation, lovely story well told. Best film i have seen this week.

Mary Poppins
Totally adored this, utterly charming a fitting sequel to the original.

Mortal Engines
Bit slow to get going but i did really enjoy it, went to the cineworld in Edinburgh to watch it as well, lots of leg room!

!!!!! hysterical ! Jason Momo channels his inner Pamela Anderson! Daft, silly but a whole lot of fun!

Wreck it Ralph breaks the internet
Loved it! some serious messages in there and very very funny.

Crimes of Grindewald
Loved it, it is a bit of a "middle of the plot series" film but beautiful and Eddie Remayne is lovely as is Jude Law as Dumbledore.

The Grinch
Oh I love this, adored it. Feel good movie par excellence.

oh my we are moving with a purpose here! lots to see and im not going to miss any!
Robin Hood
Again forget the reviews, a right old roister doister!

Nutcracker and the four realms
Lovely! ach forget the reviews, beautifully shot very pretty, nice ballet sequences.

Goosebumps 2
I almost didnt go to this i was tired i was sad but i was glad i did, fun,  just good fun.

Bohemian rhapsody
OH MY LORD, loved it, totally loved it. i cried i wanted to dance in the stairway, it was fabulous.

First Man
Whoof! epic, truly epic, what a movie.

Again, not good reviews but i liked it! not a classic but still a decent film.

Small foot
The reviews were luke warm but i loved this, the music was great too.

Christopher Robin
OMG this is basically a manifesto for modern living. I bought a packet of red ballons based on watching this film. It should be played on repeat every two weeks. Seriously.

The house with a clock in its walls
OK it was a nice watch, Cate Blanchette was beautiful, not perfect but not bad and i love the lead boy. He was lovely.

Black Klansman
hmmmm not been seeing much in September! must remedy. Loved this amazing film.

Ant man and the wasp
Good fun, not amazing but nice good fun

Mission Impossible - fallout
loved it! great fun even though a bum numbing 2 and a half hours long ....

Its the rock! but oh dear my vertigo!
Incredibles 2
loved it!

Oceans 8
Ach I love Sandra Bullock although this was not her at her best it was still a cracking wee film, and Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter, love em.

At the cameo in Edinburgh, not my usual genre but oh my goodness how sad but beautiful was this film! i did cry.

Jurassic world, Fallen kingdom
woo hoo! dinos :-)

ach forget the critics I LOVED this, fab film

DeadPool 2
Totes loved it, but then i would wouldnt i :-) cant think of a better way to usher in my 54th year !

Life of the party. total rubbish said one of my chums, pant wettingly funny said me! goes to show we all like different things. i LOVED this, laughed out loud so much, total tonic :-)

Avengers infinity war
oh man, totes loved this!!!! 2 and a half hours but so well worth it, but that ending ????


Its got Dwayne Johnson in it what more do you want!!! fab fun, no pretentions to be anything other than what it is, fab fun action movie.

Guernsey Literary and potato peel pie society
Oh flipping heck get the hankies out!!!! lovely movie, total wee gem, loved it.

Ghost stories
Oh dear lord, totally NOT my thing, went to this because Mark wanted to see it, we often go to separate films and I think next time that is what we should do! I spent most of the film with my glasses off ...

Ahhhhhh a saturday double bill of kids films, does life get better?
Ready player one, im not a gamer but the soundtrack alone got me, great fun.

A wrinkle in time! Good but not great, but hey Mrs Who is seen quilting in this, a gorgeous new york beauty quilt. Loved it.

Right we are redressing the balance! This was deeply unsettling but very good.

Game night 
Have we only been to one film in March?? Blimey slipping up there.
But it was a good un, laugh out loud moments, good non smutty humour. Great fun
Well i spent the last weekend of february on my own so i went to films i knew Mark wouldnt like.
I Tonya 

what an amazing film! Shocking at times laugh out loud at others, amazing.
Black panther. Loved it a lot, i felt it lacked a bit of pace in the beginning but it was fab when it got going. And those kick ass women! 

        Shape of water, beautiful and stunning to look at, lovely film.

Father figures ach it got shite reviews but i loved it!     


Well I loved this, nice few nods to Aliens and a lovely one to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as well, good end to the series

Its Nick Park, do I need to day any more?????


Whoof, loved this, Gary Oldman was amazing as Churchill, Kirsten Scott Thomas as Clementine too. Loved it even though it was perilously icy in the car park at our beloved cineworld.

Right i love a cartoon, me and scoobs just adore cartoons, but he loves a horror film too, so while he went to Insidious 😱😱😱 i went to see Coco, lovely wee cartoon, not up with the best but still a good un. The land of the dead was beautiful.

Incredible, absolutely incredible film. Every single member of the cast was superb, Frances McDormand, Woody Harrleson, every single person. A film which stayed in my mind for days.

While Mark is away walking i will sew and go watch movies he doesnt like 😊 I adore the Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black, Jack Black stole the show as a selfie obsessed young girl. Great great fun.
   Films tail end of 2017
4DX baby! Well you have to dont you 😊 great fun, but so sad to see Carrie Fisher, how gorgeous was she?? Mark Hammil too, is this the lsst one he will be in!!
We went to Yo shushi after this, good times.
Look I can do Art house but i also love a good “less art house” movie too. I had reservations about Mel Gibson lets face it he hasnt covered himsefl in glory recently but he was great. Sometimes you just need a good fart gag and this gave us plenty.       Paddington 2 how fab was this? I cried at the end when his Aunt came to London. And Hugh Grant just has waaaaayyyyy too much fun! I was always a bit wary of Ben Wishaw as the voice of Paddington but blimey was i wrong, he was just the fair dab as we say.
Blade runner 2049, quite amazing, still not sure what to think need to see original again.

Dunkirk, very moving snd beautifully shot, Mark Rylance should have been further up the credits

War for the planet of the apes, good fun, bit too long though.

Silence, dear lord you would need to be in a very good place to watch this one .... grim.
T2 trainspotting 2, pure dead brilliant.
My cousin Rachel, great stuff, Rachel Weisz was amazing!
Thor ragnarok, its Thor, whats not to love!
Murder on the orient express, Dame Agatha will be spinning in her grave!
Pirates of the Carribean, Salazars revenge, tosh but good tosh
Guardians of the galaxy vol 2, fab
Snowman, meh.
King Arthur, sigh.
Baywatch, its Zac Efron and the Rock!!! Fabulous stuff.
Alien covenant, hmmmmm.
The mummy, not sure?
Despicable me 3, great stuff!
The Wall, yep ok.

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