Bud the puppy

You called?
Its taken me what six years to be able to do this?six years since my best chum left us and it must be sixteen years since I helped a flatmate pick up a smelly skanky puppy from the Edinburgh Cat and Dog home. I didn't really know the flatmate that well but saw no issue with her wanting a pet. Little did I know what a momentous day that was.
it turns out the flatmate loved the idea of a dog but wasn't really able to commit to the whole actual "looking after" of the mutt! I even had to pay for him as she had "forgotten" her cheque book, still have the receipt! she never paid me back for that either ...
I cant complain though because I gradually had to take over the looking after of this smelly skanky puppy. So for eleven years I had the most wonderful, sweet kind loving mischievous loyal friend ever.
Mobile phones with cameras were not as cheap and good quality in those days so a lot of my pictures of Bud are a bit grainy and a bit wonky. But they are my pictures of my beautiful chum. We went through so much together,  even went through cancer together, both had lymphoma at the same time, you couldn't make it up.
Anyhow this page is here to celebrate my puppy, no matter what age he was he was my puppy. So lets remember the good times!
arch nemesis - the hoover, Bud on his snoozy paws

awwwww Bud down the canal path, we walked jogged down this for years, used to get up at 5.20 in the morning go down there for some 5k training with ma chum

Alva castle, Bud as usual looking everywhere but at the camera

This is on our way to our morning walk - the swing park, this is by the railway line which is at the back of our house, Bud posing, what a blooming poser that puppy was!

This is up at the rough ground by the swing park, think it was the bad snow of 2010, snow didn't phase Bud, he was a rough tough puppy

Probably Devilla Forest in 2010

What a drama queen he was, mind you this was a big cut on his pad and he got a pink bandage ... wee soul

you haz cheeeeeesey sammiches, this is Buds pleading face for his scoobs in the tent they shared when camping, look at those eyes, they say cheeeeeeezzzzzeeez


I did a lot of races for life,  cant do as much now well I could walk them I suppose! but Bud was my jogging buddy, training down the canal, he loved it, so did I. Every race him and Scoobs would come and cheer me on,  fortifying themselves at the burger van naturally!

look at that face, my sweet and gentle boy

Always happiest with his Scoobs up a munro,  this was his last one a week before we said goodbye. What a lovely memory my two best chums and the two loves of my life.

nope, I don't know why its sideways either!

I adore this picture, Bud loved walking with Mark and didn't mind the snow at all, loved it. I would get a text from Mark to say that he would be home as soon as he had defrosted the dog :-) I would buy three steaks for supper, one each :-)

Always alert

I was working at home, he didn't understand why I couldn't go out and play!

Devilla Forest 2010

Devilla Forest 2010

Devilla Forest 2010

Our honeymoon, well of course Bud had to come too! we went to our favourite hotel in Pitlochry the Pine Trees, it was very doggy friendly


Yep other honeymoon pic!

Off for adventure

on the mooch

One of my favourites of me and Bud

Lounge in the Pine Trees after long walk, waiting for cream tea

Ahhhhhhhhh hpink floofy slippers, Bud adored these, probably because they smelled so much of me! it took me ages to throw them out, I kept them way longer than I should because I knew we didn't have much time left with Bud and I couldn't bear to part him from them. so we kept them and he loved them right till the end, then it took me almost a year before I could throw them out.

Romantic booties! my dog walking wellies, black with hearts on them, Scoobs called them my romantic booties, I still use them

Slippers ...

Big paw prints in Devilla Forest ... not buds

It went that a way

soft silky ears

Here follows the "floofy pink slippers" series!

In Plockton making himself at home with his travel snoozy paws duvet!

I always thought he was part cat, always grooming himself

Bless, his biscuit barrel is in the background

Tethered on walk at Plockton

snort! this was on holiday at Plockton, look at the window a cat was there taunting Bud!

He was just all paws


Oh this was on our honeymoon, in the lounge at the Pine Trees hotel, Bud always came there with us.

Buds love affair with my pink fluffy slippers onctinues

Those two were always on the floor ...

One of my favourites my two boys in front of the halogen heater.

Bud making chums

Classic bud position, nose tucked up bottom

The big snow of 2010 was a cracker for pictures, This is up the Antonine Wall

I didn't know whether to put this in or not, two days before Bud passed, I knew his time was up, he took to laying outside or away from us, not my Bud at all, he always wanted to be where you were. I knew it was time

Says it all really, Me Bud and Scoobs and of course my pink slippers :-)

Snowballs in Devilla forest in 2010, pair of big kids :-)

This was my view every Saturday night, my two boys sitting on the floor, Mark with his arms round Bud, Bud cuddling into him. I never tired of this sight

I don't have many pictures of Bud up north with my family, my mam is not a big dog lover, but this was one time he did get up, I think it was after I finished chemo, nobody refuses you anything once you have finished chemo :-) my beautiful niece Susan and her lovely husband Mark, he was also taken from us way too soon, he will be walking Bud up a mountain in the sky I hope.

Buds tent, this is where he is now, many chums have now gone to visit him in his tent, they get unlimited pigs ears, steak, cheese, gravy bones and tummy and chest rubs, och ma wee darling one day ill come and see you in your tent, until then look after all your chums there.

The two loves of my life

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