Monday, 9 August 2021

Kels SAL

Ta dah!!! Here we go! Finish no 9 for q2 of the finish along, well it’s not the 9th finish but was no 9 on the list. I committed to making 2 quilts this year for the annual Alice Caroline SOS quilt drive, they have a very particular size quite rectangular and long so it’s always good to find a pattern which fits this perfectly. When I saw the Kels pattern by Jenny Haynes, Pappersaxsten I knew it would be perfect! I made 2 of the blocks and that was the perfect size for this quilt.
My Scoobs doing his usual Sterling quilt holding!
Llama down! Llama down!! Poor Lloyd, casualty of the binding phase of the quilt making!
Making the quilt was great fun, I am not used to using such large pieces of fabric so this was good learning and practice. Jenny had a class which was also good to help with the piecing.
The backing was also liberty , i AMA till using up all the fabric I bought on the trips to stand fast and barracks! Those were such fun trips!


This fabric below is a favourite and many folks commented that they liked it too.
Whoops!! Someone was not happy I was using capel 😂😂

 Another fun project and I do love the Alice Caroline sos quilt drive every year, just one more to make for this years drive.


  1. Mini Mini Bud looks like he’s staging a sit in!! I love this quilt - hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms*

  2. He was very very unhappy! But loved the finished quilt