Monday, 30 August 2021

August Furtle

Soooooo what has happened in August? Well it has been a good month for stitching. I cant believe i am almost finished this lovely Michael Powell cottage cross stitch. It was a gift from my lovely chum Jo, I love Michael Powell designs so much and he is just such a lovely man as well as great designer.

This is a year long mystery SAL from linen and threads, a freebie too! 
I was quite pleased with the colours I chose for August, I cant believe there are only 4 more months to go, its been such a lovely mindful project.
So this happened!😳 I returned to work! Well its only one day a week just now and not every week, I wasnt sure how I would feel but it does feel good. A bit of return to normality.
I had a few finishes, and I loved this one, a really good quick finish. The Kels quilt from Jenny Haynes, Pappersaxsten. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, this will be the first of my quilts for Alice Caroline SOS project 2021.
Keeping on going with the temperature spider web embroidery, this was the page for July, temperatures really hotting up which is nice. 
This is an interim quilt! I want to make a quilt for my impending great nephew but its taking longer so as great nephew is due (checks notes) in a few days!!! I thought i should make an interim quilt, the theme of the nursery is safari, hence the funky cheetah print and lions and tigers!
The second quilt for Alice Caroline will be a love and kisses quilt, pattern from Jenni Smith, I am trying to use up scraps just now but with Loden for the background. The middle block was a tester for the transatlantic love and kissed quilt which i was delighted to take part in, so that is why the background is slightly different.

I was tagged on this on Twitter

And just like that.. first day at the office with Green heart that patchwork though Smiling face with 3 hearts #OT
That was my quilt! I gifted that to the OT dept at my last university over 5 years ago! This was a new lecturer seeing it for the first time 🥰 how wonderful and it just made my day, so I tweeted back that I had since made another one which now kept me company in my home office 😊

And that’s it for August, its been a hard month in a few ways but there is hope on the horizon and I do feel we are heading in the right direction in general, crafting has been a godsend during the pandemic and will continue to be so going forward.


  1. I can see August has been a good stitching month for you, and on the quilt front, too! And with autumn around the corner it will surely only get better xx

    1. thank you and yes! looking forward to autumnxx

  2. It’s lovely to see you enjoying embroidery again - those new eyes are brilliant! Love the baby quilt - hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* And how lovely to see your first MSW again and know it’s bringing joy to those who see it. Thanks for Furtling xx

  3. It was amazing seeing my first msw got me thinking to make another 😉xx