Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Love a graveyard

 I love visiting graveyards, none more so than my home cemetery at Kirkton. Some beautiful monumentary architecture here. Such peace too. When I was young, women didn’t go to the graveside at funerals. It wasn’t thought proper. I never saw the logic. My sister and I helped carry my Grandmothers coffin to the plot, I was early thirties then, this was frowned upon but we were able to do it. Nowadays it’s normal.
I love this place with the seagulls cackling around us.

This one caught my eye as it has some beautiful lichen growing on it. The yellow stands out against the black granite.

This is so simple, among all the grandeur of many of the monuments this one caught my eye the most I think. A simple cross, so touching.

Of course some hit home very hard, our lovely skipper Mark, too soon ma loon, too soon, we miss you.

The older section of kirkton fascinates me. There is this slight mound a hill with a bench on top. I love coming up here and surveying the whole graveyard in one go.

Then there is the “really” old part many stones worn away but many still readable.

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