Saturday, 31 July 2021

July furtle

Well!! I have lots of time to make up for! I lost at least 6 weeks of crafting getting my bionic eyes done! So what’s July brought? Apart from lots of sunshine which is lovely. 
You can see the temperature changes in my spiders web temperature embroidery. We are getting more yellows now.
I motored on  with some more blossom Jane blocks. I do need to get a wiggle on with these.

Much to budthepuppy displeasure I bust out the liberty for the kelsal with Jenny Haynes and Lucy Engles. Loved making this at a fun online class.
Someone was NOT happy I was using capel 😂😂
Love this print, no idea what it is.

I got sooooo confident with my eyes I started EPP again!

I went teeny teeny 😂
I made two of the kels blocks and this will be a perfect size for an Alice Caroline sos quilt.
You saw it here first!! I finished my first floral big cat!! Half of the papers are out will do the rest tomorrow.
I had a fun time doing a virtual show and tell for. FOQ, I wont lie it’s been hard not going but it was the right thing to do.
Here is day three haul. Will do a full post on it.

And that’s a wrap a pretty productive July I think!!



  1. You’re certainly making up for lost time! And fancy your new eyes being so good that you can see to do teeny tiny stitches in teeny tiny hexies! Thanks for Furtling xx

  2. Fantastic progress after the new eyes!!! Well done. I enjoyed seeing and hearing you in sharing your haul.

    1. Thank you! I had such fun with the virtual festival, almost as good as the real thing!

    2. That's wonderful! I'm doing my best to keep at home as much as possible. Well done!!!

  3. Lovely post, it is great to see all the things for July together. I've been wondering about the temperature project, are you able to keep up stitching a circle every day? I would find it so hard to keep going with a long project like that... too much of a new-project-starter myself ;-) It is lovely to see the colours gradually change!

    1. Thank you! I try to keep up with the temperature stitching, sometimes I have to play catch up but mostly manage to do it everyday it's quite quick and very mindful