Wednesday, 2 June 2021

May furtle!

 Scanners! I am late again! But only a day this time, hopefully all back on schedule next month! So what happened in May?? Well lots, we bought a book ... and not just any book! Another liberty book by Megumi Sakai - on instagram. this is a fantastic book, love it, sooper speedy delivery too! It arrived all the way from Japan in under a week. Oooppppps just realised I put the wrong name in the instagram post .... sorry !

My sooper luffly chum Jo - Quiltydoings gifted me a mini charm pack, well what do you do with that? You whip up a quilt for project Linus!
We had a rash of finishes, this was from a charm pack gifted by the lovely Lou from flip flop fabric shop, she is a star, another for Linus!
This is my *ahem* slightly adapted version of the New England Motel pattern by Brimfield awakening, by adapted I mean i didnt read the instructions correctly and forgot to make half hexies to offset every other row, but I like my version and i am sure they wont mind. This will be for siblings.
And look at the amazing panda backing fabric! An amazing gift for siblings from Sarah Edgar Pretty fabric and trims, came all the way via Trudi Wood who is also a star!
I was rushing to finish off because ....
Cataract surgery! A friend said I looked as if I had been defibrillated .. how very rood (but true 😂) So no sewing for a wee while, June is going to be a sparse furtle!
I gave a talk too! A chum at work organised an event called craftwork 2021, he was raising funds for rainbow railroad a charity which helps LGBTIQ fleeing persecution. I talked about charity quilts and the work of siblings, Linus and Alice Caroline in particular.

Mmmmmm panda chocolate, a lovely chum Sally gave me this! How utterly fab, I kept the wrapper naturally! 

We went on holiday!!!! I have blogged about that, we had a super super time.
Early on in the month I managed some Dear Jane blocks, I do need to get a wiggle on with this but the eyes will dictate when that can happen!

I managed to get to see the blossom once this year which is fine thats better than not at all!
Real life shops!!!! Meeting chums and buying fabric and having car park picnics! Just the best!

and thats it for May, see you next month!!!


  1. Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* And just think how much easier the Blossom Jane blocks will be when you have two good eyes! Good luck for tomorrow and thanks for Furtling xx