Wednesday, 30 June 2021

June furtle

 Well, there have been slim pickings this month! In my defence i have just undergone double cataract surgery so have been very limited in what I could do.
But first of all, lets wish this little chap!!! yes it is five years since anxious panda came to join our merry little band, awwww anxious panda we luff yoo!

I eased myself back into sewing with this straighforward blossom Jane block a nice summery pattern as well.
I also did this one, relatively straightforward but I got the orientation wrong the first time round and had the oval petals pointing to the corners which I didnt think was a problem but then when I came to stitch on the diamonds they wouldnt fit in so I had to unpick .... hey ho I still like it.
I attended an online class from Kathy Cameron 'the Littlest Thistle' on featherweight machine maintenance. Really good but quite a lot to take in. I still think I have an issue with the tension discs but Katy has been super helpful in helping me sort it out.
ooohhhhh cataract surgery doesnt stop me from buying pretty fabric!!! looooooooook
and that is it!!!! But eyes are a lot better now, just have to get used to reading glasses which is fine and I am not complaining its just an adjustment.
Here is to a lot more sewing in July!!!


  1. Hooray for new eyes! And being back to sewing - you definitely did that with aplomb, didn’t you? I hope the tension disc issue gets sorted soon and your machine is happy to sew anything you present her with. Thanks for Furtling!

  2. Oh, hope the vision is doing even better now. Love the blocks from June. Good luck with your featherweight. See you for the next Furtle.