Thursday, 20 May 2021

Taynuilt, a full Budsmam reboot 😊

 Sake blogger! Why can’t there be a setting which allows you to order your photos? Sheesh ....😂😂😂😂 

That’s us back now, blimey what a fantastic break, really was. I feel rebooted, factory settings restored. The lookout is a fantastic bolt hole, cute little apartment just right for 2.

When Scoobs came back from climbing his hill we set off to be brave and see if we could find somewhere to eat. Please bear in mind we have not eaten out for almost 14 months .... sounds incredible when I say it out loud. After a few false  starts we found a garden center - Poppies, they had risen to the CV challenge and had loads of lovely outdoor seating well spaced. Perfect for our first ever foray back to the real world.

It’s set in a marina, lovely views and a great breeze, it’s all about the fresh air! I got a bit of teasing on IG “A garden center!!! How old ARE you!” Listen, I’m as old as I feel and if I want to sit in a garden center gonnae no judge 😂😂
Emboldened by this wee took a really BIG step and walked into the center of Taynuilt in the evening and sat outside in the village pub for a meal. Utterly utterly fantastic.

Bonus spring lambs on the way home. Walking around the Lookout where we stayed we saw some fascinating trees and moss. Very different from home.

On our last full day we decided to go back to the pub, why not! Wee have 14 months of not eating out to make up for!!!!
So unbelievably wonderful.

We daundered home stopping in last a graveyard, I do love a graveyard.

In the depths of a long winter lockdown I did wonder if we would ever get out. It was a longer hard winter, a feet this break I feel more hope, more positive. It’s been fab.
Then back to reality with a bump 😂😂😂 lunch at the smiddy in the way home, it was teeming down with rain, got to love Scotland.

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