Thursday, 6 May 2021

April furtle! (a bit late ...)

 im late!!!! OMG May just crept up on me .... why is it may? the weather feels like January I think. So I do hope I am still allowed to link up!

So April??? well a lot of it was spent on the Garden Trellis quilt in liberty Capel. I so loved making this, a great pattern from Hat Creek quilts and although I still seem to have a LOT of liberty left it did make a dent in my stash!

I fretted a bit about the borders. It should have just finished at the indigo border but I decided I wanted to use up the mustard capel so added on another border in it. I think it works, anyhoo, I like it and that's the main thing! I just need to parcel it off to Aunty Cath (Cumbrian longarmer) and let her do her magic on it!
I have made slow but steady progress on the Blossom Jane blocks, I am now on row D. Sometimes I totally nail the contrast sometimes I dont. But I still love the outcome whatever and its the overall whole which is the main thing.

I am also loving making the temperature monthly squares. I have finished April now. The idea is to have a square (page) for each month and also have another page with a mandala which represents each month. 
some more random Blossom Jane blocks!
Mini Mini Bud guarding his capel stash!
There was another quarter for the finish along. I am trying to be realistic with this but also move things along.
more random blossom Jane blocks!
Ahhhh the main thing for April was getting my second vaccine!!!! It was quite emotional, this is our route out of the pandemic, for me it means freedom.
I decided to put together my Blossom Jane blocks as we go along, just to save on having a huge amount to do at the end but also to get a sense of how it is going. I am really keen to see how this comes together.
Deck chairs are the way forward. No seriously! Mark had two deck chairs he sometimes used for car camping. He no longer uses them as much so now they sit in my car and used for pop up picnics! our lovely local fabric shop actively welcomes us having a pop up picnic outside their shop! (its in the countryside) so I suspect these will be used quite a lot for this year!
A few more random Blossom Jane blocks!

Last but not least a liberty hearts and kisses block! I was delighted to be asked to make a block for the transatlantic love and kisses quilt organised by Suzanne Campion and Liesa from Morris Textiles. Well I could only do this in capel couldnt I!
I promise to be more up to date next month - promise!


  1. I love the Capel top, I think the borders look fantastic and I can’t wait to see what Cath does for the quilting. All the Jane blossom blocks are wonderful, putting them together as you go is a great idea. And I love the idea of chairs in the boot - takes me back to my childhood when our were always in the boot during the summer. And don’t panic about being late, the Furtle always stays open until the 17th of the month to enable late comers to join in. Thanks for Furtling!