Tuesday, 30 March 2021

March furtle

 Well what’s been going on in march? It’s a funny month, all the anniversaries of this time last year .... very strange, on one hand grateful to be here and be safe but on the other sadness for so much loss. Hey ho, lets not get maudlin.

I now have LOTS of toilet paper!! 😂😂 we now subscribe to ,who gives a crap, great service, good toilet paper! 
Ok March has still been full of fence posts, not as many as I would like but still some are better than none.

Did I mention I have started weight lifting? Well in an effort to stave off the lockdown weight gain and get fitter and help the RA I have started an online personal trainer ... so I now have a body pump set and an exercise bench! Which also doubles up as a nifty patchwork holder 😁

It was holding the blocks for my New England motel SAL blocks, a great free pattern by Brimfield awakening. What a fantastic use for scraps, especially those left over binding and jelly roll strips. Many thanks to chum Sheena for the outer pink fabric.

Awwwww I will have to write a separate post .... sad day for mini mini Bud ... his favourite liberty shop Duck egg threads is no longer selling liberty, hey ho Sarah will go on and do other fab things and mini mini Bud had an extra big splurge in her end sale!!
I wrote a post about this, my Angela Hoey booklet pouch for my special chum Jacky, lots of Japanese zips and Helen Steele fabric and glittery vinyl! What’s not to love ❤️

Soooooooo I had to pull out the back up machine .... the main machine took a hissy fit and is skipping stitches, yes I have done all the stuff, oiled changed needle etc etc , new bobbin de floof etc etc, it needs extra TLC but the wee machine is working fine and will do meantime!

I have been doing an embroidery class in the evenings, with the Glasgow modern quilt guild, stitch birdie is taking the class, really loving it, above is the bonus postcard we are making and below is the main mini lipping blogger has rotated the picture *sigh*

I have made really good progress with the liberty Garden trellis quilt! Using all the tins to organise the squares, organisation is key!

This is one of the filler blocks, all the appliqué block have been done and I now just need 8 more of these and I will be ready to put together!! Exciting
And that’s it for this month. It still all feels a bit wild and scary out there but I’m happy and safe in my sewing room 


  1. That’s a busy month you’ve had there. I hope April has more mossy posts and lots of weightlifting as well as lots of sewing. And the fixing of the big machine. Thanks for Furtling!

    1. thank you! big machine is in for TLC, fingers crossed!

  2. Wow, fabulous projects! Hope your main machine gets some TLC soon. Love the individual tins for organizing. Guilds are so much fun. I, too, am weightlifting. It certainly helps me feel better. Can't wait to see what April brings.

    1. Thank you! hopefully April will bring warmer weather and a lot more sewing!

  3. lots of projects keeping you busy ! good luck with the new exercise routine too :)