Thursday, 31 December 2020

Mini makes

I love Arabesque scissors patterns and the mini makes series she did this year has just been fabulous, quick and easy makes using up long hoarded beautiful scraps of fabric! I had it on my Q2 and Q3 and Q4 list to make these!This was finish number 4 on the Q4 list. I first made the little pouch, using up some neptune and the maiden fabric, love love love those fishies!

Then it all lay dormant for a while, other things took over but i picked it up again when she put our the travelers sewing book pattern, I wanted to make something for a friend i had drawn in a swap, i totally read the rules wrong and thought it was no extras ..... it was exactly the opposite, I felt dreadful! She was fine about it but i felt bad. I didnt just want to send something for the sake of it so i thought i would make her the travellers sewing book.

Again using up neptune and the maiden fabric, how awesome are these!

Inside i put two pins and two needles into the needle case, these are both bought from the hidden needle shop in Kyoto, another highlight of 2020. I know she will like it becuase she is that sort of person who will love everything.

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