Sunday, 31 January 2021

January furtle

 Well January .... you started out with so much promise .... what happened to you chick?? Seriously I can’t make any jokes, this has been beyond grim, but lets not go there, this is my happy space so welcome! What has January had in store? Well the blossom Jane got stalled then it got a kick start!! I am so determined to get these all done!

I got this far before the new academic year kicked off, lets not talk about that .... hmmmmm.
I am loving fussy cutting some of the fabrics I bought in Japan, the above pussy cat is taken from some ten inch squares I bought in the fabric district in Tokyo, I had the most amazing day there and can still see the shop I bought this from. 
 I used the time in between Christmas and new year to finally hang my silk quilt in my home office, none of your virtual background for me!! And it’s a good use for the quilt which Is totally impractical for anything else! And it makes me look like I’m in a throne room!

Well!! Lovely Ruth rabbit showed her true colours! We thought she was all modest but when budthepuppy showed her his latest liberty haul from duck egg threads she came over all louche!!

Not only showed off her liberty paw ....

But her ankle!! We had to press a damp flannel to budthepuppy forehead!

It’s been a liberty kind of month ! I have been looking out for this book for Its Japanese and is a big compendium of most of the liberty designs, all written in Japanese but it gives you the whole fabric range (mostly) but also date of release etc. It’s just so beautiful.

Budthepuppy went of course straight to the page of capel! I so want to document my liberty quilts more, as I am doing with blossom Jane. I’m really enjoying the process. This book will help.

Look at Scoobs in his element! First quilts of 2021! And *drumroll* I have used up all my charm packs!! Yup no more! Above is a combo of mormor and grunge charm packs, I think they go well together.
I love the above a combo of elementary and boathouse charm packs, you cant beat a good old hst layout.
Above is 2 charm packs of savonnerie, a nice retro feel to this one.
Poor Scoobs ...... it was a bit cold out ..... above is a smaller one from one charm pack of zen chic red.
Above is the last of the charm These we’re two kaffe fasset ones, nice simple layout, let the fabric do the talking.
Oh my, really oh my! Friends are the best, Love Natalie is one of the nicest people I have met through lovely lovely lady through and through. I saw her making these beautiful field of hearts quilts but didn’t for a minute think one was destined for me, or should I say us! She said that Mark is such an integral part of the quilting community that it should come to him too. So here is our first husbands and wives holding quilts photographs 🥰

Oh dear, many leaky eyes after that!
And we are finishing January as we began, with blossom Jane, I hope to get the first two rows put together today!! Let see how that goes!

Take care, the next time I furtle I will have been well and truly vaccinated!!

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  1. I think your inaugural wives and husbands holding quilts photo has stolen the show, even from the magnificent Liberty lawn order and book! Hooray for finishes *waves pompoms* and thanks for Furtling!