Thursday, 31 December 2020

Hunters star quilt

 OK I had meant to squeak these in yesterday but the day ran away with me then there was gin and cava and port .... then it all got a bit blurry!!! I dont normally drink at hogmanay, but hey this year has been diffrent, very very different!

Right so there was my usual end of year flurry of finishes, and yes i know i put these in the furtle post but they need a separate post of their own, dont ask why they just do!

So lets start with the hunters star one! This was finish number 6 on my Q4 finish along list.

I was so lucky in 2020 to win a gorgeous FQ bundles from Morris textiles, lovely Leisa shipped them all the way from America! how lovely was that!

I waited until i found exactly the right pattern for it, that came in the form of the shining stars pattern from Lynne Goldsworthy from todays quilter. I didnt have enough fabric for the churn dash border but just enough for the center hunters star.

I literally had trimmings left, there was one section where i had to sew two smaller bits of fabric together to make a bit big enough .... i love doing that though, using up all the fabric, scraps scare me, i dont like them very much, weird but thats just me.

My poor poor scoobs, was perishing in the cold doing his usual sterling husbands holding quilts action!

This will go to Project Linus.

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