Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Finish along 2021!!

 OK ok, i know its all on instagram now but i like to keep up with the FAL on my blog too, just for me 😊 So what do we want from the finish along? Or more so what do I want to do with my quilting this year? We are in another lockdown, yup ok, so I need the quilting to see me through this. If I learned one thing from the last lockdown I learned that I need a mixture of challenging and simple projects. When work kicks off (as it will undoubtedly do! I need to either do mindless quilting that i dont need to think about or loose myself in a r4.5 inch block with 44 pieces and several y seams 😂 so with that in mind here is the FAL Q1 line up!

No 1 - Dear Jane, or blossom Jane as I should call her, my initial thoughts were i would motor on with this but that hasn’t happened, I seem to need breaks from this. Which is fine I am still making good progress.

Awwwww garden trellis in capel. For some reason I can’t seem to  start this one? Perhaps i need calmer times? I love capel so so much maybe i cant bear to start it in lockdown? Dunno, it will stay on the list for when i am ready.

Awwww I love a Michael Powell cross stitch, this was a gift from a lovely chum who found this and knew she wouldn’t finish it, I am slowly picking away at it in the evenings.

No 4, oh well we all know my weakness for charm packs! I love them but then never know what to do with them! I had such success using up 5my charm packs over the Christmas break I decided to put them all on my FAL list and clear out all the ones which have been languishing around the sewing room for years! this pair will become a disappearing 9 patch quilt, perfect for Project Linus

Mormor and grunge! A bold pairing! Lets see what these become, disappearing 4 patch perhaps?

These two have been laying around the longest! I think I bought them when my chum Irene was still going to FOQ and she hasnt been for a few years now. Another disappearing 9 or 4 patch for these.

Ditto these two, some lovely charms in here perfect for a more gender neutral quilt I think.

There is just one of these left, I can still see me buying this at Harrogate last year, that was such a lovely trip, little did I know it would be the last big event I would attend before all this kicked off, hey ho, this will be a sweet little Linus quilt hsts perhaps?

so thats it kicked off for this year, lets see where this adventure takes us.


  1. Good luck! (I also have my list on my blog - we can be outdated together!)