Thursday, 31 December 2020

Charm pack quilts for Linus

 Like I said many many times, i have an inherent weakness for charm packs!!! so I made them a feature of my last finish along list. for finish no 7 i simply wanted one charm pack quilt, but hey i got 3!!!

I had two charm packs of the same fabric line bought from a destash so I put them together using my clearly perfect angles which i had put on my sewing machine for the hunters star quilt. I simply made a bazillion hsts then started laying them out from the center outwards. I didnt have enough to do one final round so i used those hsts to make a second smaller quilt for Linus. Bonus!!!

I mentioned that i have been meeting up with a chum at Kaleidoscope fabrics I do want to support them so try to buy something every time we go, they have a great sale table and often have meters at greatly reduced prices. I bought some of this big blousy floral, perfect for backing!! poor scoobs he doesnt look too happy there does he!!! I think it was getting a bit nippy at that point.

I said I got three quilts! well the third one was a leader and ender project, I simply took another charm pack and sewed the blocks together, bonus extra linus quilt!!!

It was a bit cold for me too taking all the pictures 😀

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