Saturday, 26 December 2020

Isabel shawl

 Well this is full of so many memories, I bought this wool ‘merino singles’ by uschitata at the last indie burgh craft crawl. So many happy memories there, I was looking for a pattern to use up the single skein I had and the Isabel shawl seemed perfect. I have made three shawls now, they are useful for teams meetings if i dont have a glam top but need to posh up a bit (how very 2020 ....) this was finish no 4 on my q4 finish along list.

I really enjoyed doing it but there were a few oops! I messed up the pattern quite a few times which needed ripping out, then my circular needles unscrewed and about 50 stitches slipped off ..... I’m really pleased with it, just what I need for teams meetings

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