Wednesday, 4 November 2020

October furtling, yup im late!!!

 Well where the heck did October get too!!!!!! OMG, but i got away, i got a break!! an actual real life holiday and it wasnt in my own home!!!!

So what happened in October??

OOOHH, I signed up for the Spruce along! I adore Jenny Haynes, Papper Saxsten and I adore Lucy Engles so what would be better than a SAL from them both! I have already made this pattern the Spruced up xmas tree but it will make nice presents so I signed up to do it again this year.

I got a Wool i am badge!!!! loooooooook my own bit of Bert :-) so I added that to my badge pennant (above)

Awwww my Scoobs ! aint he lovely! I made the stitch on banner, fabulous FPP pattern by happy sew lucky. Really enjoyed making this, its a surprise present for a chum I dot think they have it yet but i hope they get it soon!

Oh yes! i can finally reveal my Rainbow quilt made for the Glasgow modern quilt guild. I used Helen Steele handprinted fabrics for this, I love it, so nice and bright

oh not crafty but we bought the book Olive Mabel and Me .... So we got to see them sign the book and Mr Cotter talk about it, we loved this.

noo chums! Sammy Snail joined us and fitted in straight away (might be the glass of red wine!!! 

Did I mention i love Jenny Haynes? well i do! and i looooooooove the hole punch ribbon pattern, so in love with this.
this layout below was the preferred option might play with it a bit more before putting it together. all done in shweshwe fabrics.

awwww and this is why we went away for a break, 10 years ...... loved very minute of them.