Monday, 30 November 2020

Hole punch ribbon quilt

what a fab class, I love a PapperSaxSten class and even thought this one was on line and not in person I still adored it. Jenny is such a generous and dedicated teacher, she spends every minute of the class looking after her students. I have wanted to do this class with her for ages. I did consider doing it 121 which would be lovely but for me part of the joy of a class is seeing everyone else and what they do. as luck would have it my shoulder was borked the weekend of the class and i didnt get a chance to do any at the time. as soon as shoulder was better i got on it! I had swithered about colours and fabrics for ages but ended up going for shweshwe fabrics. So bright and joyous, I only had half meters max of most of them so had to be a bit creative with how I used them. I did two strips and knew i had to do two more. I was right!!!!

The rythm and need to concentrate fully was a godsend, this was during a particularly challenging time at work and during the virus, all of this was such a good distraction!.

I tried a few different layouts on IG, I think they all work on a different level.

the one above was a favourite but the lovely Mary from my work suggested the layut below and i think it works better.

I put the red border on becuase thats all i had enough fabric of, but Jenny suggested pieced colour border and it does work better, many thanks to the African fabric company for their quick dispatch and delivery!!

Sigh, the things you have to do to get a half way decent shot! riskng life and limb ...
Quilting was a challenge, up against the clock (want to enter to quilt con ...) only have my domestic machine and poor quilting skillz ...

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