Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Broken paperclip

You all know I love Lucy :-), Lucy Engels that is! fabric and pattern designer extraordinaire!! I have had her Broken Paperclip pattern on my list for a while now and its been waiting for me to find the right fabric., inspiration hit and i decided to use my (rather extensive ...) Japanese fabric collection for it! (hardly put a dent in it!!!) 
Below would have been a partial finish shot but but but ..... when putting it together i left out quite a vital bit .... I missed out end and top strips .... ah well lesson learned!!!

they did look nice though!

One of my favourites! this is Jackys block, my dearest chum loved these fabrics and they remind me of her!
Et voila!!!! the rather wonderful Scoobs, shows off the final product and Im very chuffed with it! I am not sure where its going to go to, maybe linus, I have given a fair few to siblings this year so this one might head off to Linus. Now to find another project to use up my Japanese fabrics!!

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