Sunday, 26 July 2020


Well that was an adventure! Strangely familiar, strangely different. As of the 10th July I get to travel unlimited. Which is nice. I took the opportunity to visit my mam. I hope things continue to get better but who knows, folks predicting winter spikes etc so I'll take the chance now! 
Well I couldn’t go up North without visiting my favourite graveyard. Love this graveyard so much. So many loved ones rest here. I always say hello.
These gravestones are not for loved ones, these date from 1679! Just a reminder that we are only here for a moment so lets make the most of it.

Well it wouldn’t be a trip to my favourite beach if I couldn’t have a paddle!

Hydration as ever is crucial, but I couldn’t find the evil twiggy winkle .... maybe the virus got her?

I love this beach so much, my happy place

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