Friday, 31 July 2020

July furtle

Flipping heck .... we are now almost in August ... but then 2020 has not been a normal year has it?? Lets leave it at that ...
So wot we been up to crafting wise??
Well the Lloyd dude kept me company most of July, Lloyd is a cool Llama, one of a kind, his quirky ears never fail to make me smile. So I finished this Michael Powell book mark !! I love these little pieces, he is such a nice man and his designs are always so nice bright and cheery.
I have wanted to do Lucy Engels Broken paperclip for quite a while now but could never decide on what fabric to use, i then hit on the idea of Japanese!! I will admit to making a total pigs ear of it didn’t follow instructions and had to take so much out ... but I’m happy with the final result.

Major excitement !! I can now travel unlimited!! So duty called and I visited my mam, no sign of tiggywinkle I think the virus did for her.
The Glasgow modern quilt guild did a post card swap! I decided to go teensy tiny and did a 4 inch granny square, it wasn’t as bad as I thought must do more small stuff.

I got a book!! I love Carina’s patterns, looking forward to getting stuck into this one!
It’s been nice not having to commute, I can go for a walk every morning and see the seasons change.
Oh how much do I love this pattern! Injabullo bag, fabulous pattern by Karlotta Pink. Sooooooo quick to make i was inspired by falling shoes aka Lovely Ruth who made loads of lovely ones! I think this Helen Steele hand printed fabric is perfect for it.

I wanted to use up this cork fabric along with some of my favourite Japanese fabrics in an open wide pouch for a chum 😀 love how it came out.

Mark does his usual sterling work with my siblings together quilt! I was queen bee in may and got all these fab blocks from my bee mates, I think they make a lovely quilt!
I went to the thread house virtual retreat! Love this pattern, painted village by Karen Lewis, I thought it would make a lovely Alice Caroline sos quilt.
And finally we got a new chum!! Meet Bert the bat, how fabulous is he?? Another loved addition to our Betttis bairns household. 

And that’s it folks, keep safe, wear a mask and drink gin (but not with your mask on 😉)


  1. What a busy month! And definitely a month full of finishes! Hooray! *waves pompoms* It must be nice to be allowed to travel again, I see your mam has that fizzy water in her taps again...

    Thanks for furtling!

    1. Thank you 😊 yup the North East Water is vury vury fizzy 😁

  2. Some brilliant makes. I love the bat and your quilt hanger is doing a great job of displaying your finished quilts!

  3. Oh wow, what a great month! Such lovely work and finishes. You are doing great!