Wednesday, 6 May 2020

My small 'Doric' world

 So how cool does my scoobs look!!! I am getting a bit concerned that he is liking this outfit a bit too much!   Bless his wee cotton socks he wanted to cheer folks up, he got this outfit out for a photo competition for work and then wanted to use it for his awesome #husbandsholdingquilts action!!

I have made this pattern before (with much muttering and swearing ...) when it was first released in parts in quiltmania. I realise now how much my piecing has advanced because the small teeny pieces didnt phase me as much as they did the last time around.
I met Nicolapicola at the FOQ last year and when i heard she was hosting a sew along for this i thought "why not!" 
I decided to use up my Lucy Engels scraps which were left over from my OMCOC quilt. 

I have wanted to make these Sarah Ashford mini balloons for ages, they came as a bonus with her up and away quilt pattern. I have seen others use this too, what a lovely way to use her super pattern!

How cute are these Doric text panels? I got a Doric tote bag from Bramble graphics last year at a christmas fair in Aberdeen. Such happy memories of that visit. I cut up the bag and used the text panels in the quilt. 

A fly cup and a funcy piece. A fly cup is a cup of tea or coffee, sometimes had on the fly (quickly instead of sitting down) I often remember my gran saying "have ye had yer fly?" meaning have you had your afternoon or morning coffee. A funcy piece is a nice cake or biscuit as opposed to a plain biscuit like a rich tea or digestive.

Lucy released her tulips fabric just in time for me to incorporate them into this quilt, they were perfect for fussycutting for the dresden hill block.

Like i said, i have been collecting Lucys fabric ever since her first incarnation as skinny malinky quilts! i kept those selvedges and with some inspiration from the Killearn sewing group i managed to incorporte them into the bottom of the quilt. So this quilt has some of her first fabrics and some of her last fabrics (at the time of making it) incorporated into it. I love that.

I love Lucys fabric so much and she is a Doric quine - ken? and we need to support ower ain (our own) and besides her fabric is totes amazeballs!

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