Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Farewell Dame Jess

So sad, so so sad. Farewell Dame Jess, you were one of the best. Apparently you went for a nap and didn’t wake up. I’m glad you went like that you deserved a good passing.
Dame Jess was one of Buds original pals on twitter back in the day ... back in the day when folks used twitter for chatting about their dogs. Bud had his own twitter account (still has, don’t judge me ...!) This picture is from Christmas 2012 when i had dreadful flu, Dame Jess came on twitter and said “would you like one of my markies?” Bless her, would do anything for a tennis ball!! Jess you gave so much love and fun and I know Jane will be bereft without you. I am and i never met you, but i will miss the pictures of Jess floofy bum which Jane would DM to cheer me up. You always cheered me up Dame Jess, run free and stop in past Buds tent and tell him i still miss him and love him.

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