Sunday, 1 March 2020

Tokyo 16th Feb, Team lab borderless

Arent these gorgeous! No not pretty postcards but hoardings hiding building works. 

Slowly clawing back the jet lag but my goodness its brutal! Never mind we had brekkie in hotel room then off to Tameiko  Sanno underground station, teo stops to catch the private Yurikamone  mono rail to Team lab borderless. If you dont know this its a digital art installation immersive experience. Utterly Utterly fantastic, £25 to get in but oh so worth it! 

We went to the Butterfly room first very very pretty especially the sunflowers. Can you spot Scoobs??!

Next we went to the rainforest where Mark went up a hill!

Outside the rooms the walls were covered in moving flowers and animals

 The Crystal room was amazing but quite disorienting with mirrored floors.

We almost missed the best bit, as we were leaving we saw people queuing up some stairs so we joined them. We went upstairs and into the 'Athletic room'. Uneven floors but so gorgeous, the whales and the little frogs which explode into colours or flowers if you touch them.

We went through the room with the balloons, such fun!

Through into the bouldering room, i was a bit worried i wouldnt be able to manage this but it was pretty easy, i was so chuffed i plucked up courage to go in! i did it all the way through.

After this we went to the swing park, you had to stand on the swings and work your way through, this was more difficult than the bouldering, but i did it!

We went to come home but we were starving, so we found a Wendys just outside the Team lab building, i had chips they were lovely! We walked to a nearby mall where we had spotted a huge robot, transformer. There was such a lovely pathway there.

We went back via the mall and it had such a pretty ceiling.
Back at the hotel we finally managed to get into a chinese we had been aiming for. It was sooooooo good. I had four dim sum plates and some chinese beer, a wonderful end to a great day.

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