Saturday, 21 March 2020

Japan 25th February last day in Kyoto

 My heart is almost breaking typing this but i need to do this and i need to start moving on and getting to grips with whatever reality we are now in! Enough of that for now!
 Last day in our beautiful hotel, sad saying goodby to our lovely cleaning lady, reception staff and breakfast waitress.

The shrine beside our hotel.

so we took a taxi and headed off to Kyoto train station one last time, hoppity skip and we were on the train to Tokyo.

 We managed to get some sushi for the journey, how pretty is this! just ordinary sushi from the train station shop.

a bit of a grey and misty day but i did manage to get a wee video of mount Fuji.

the lovely hotel staff gave us a present for following them and mentioning them on Instagram!

Bit of difficulty in finding the Narita express at Tokyo station but we did get there thanks to the nice station helpers. a wee pootle to terminal 1 where we got the shuttle bus to the hotel Narita tobu, fairly decent hotel big 7/11 so that was out dinner sorted!

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