Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Japan 2020, February 26th, last day and journey home

Up bright and early! 6 am alarm call, coffee, Shower and salmon rice triangle for breakfast! down just in time to get shuttle bus to airport, arrived waaaaaaay to early but that's fine. Self service check in and bag drop off, all tickety boo. My bag got checked at security because i
had put my anti perspirant in there! After that we got to our boarding gates 3 hours early! But we just sat and chilled and I spent £53 on lipstick …. But it was very pretty lipstick!. Latte and cinnamon roll for breakfast. I started cross stitching at the airport, great fun, with plenty time to spare we boarded the plane, I was excited to see what snax and films we would get!
First film on plane was Parasite, Pretty funny i could see why it got best film. good first meal too Salmon and rice, chocolate ├ęclair bun and salty crackers and cream cheese.
Sitting on the plan is basically enforced chill time! punctuated by snax!
Half way through and i am stonking on with films, 2nd one was real action Aladin. enjoyed it.
Now trying some new films, first up was library based on the novels by Hiro Aikawa - hated it, all a bit too breathless and girly.
then went onto the Great Detective, Japanese a bit like Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, pretty and it passed the time. Based on the Huo Sang series of detective novels
Still  over 3 hours to go  so lets give Killers anonymous a go, its got Gary Oldman in it. I had to give up on it because sound was too bad so i played a few games of solitaire. My scoobs, my saviour went to get me some noodly things, we were both starving! Then i remembered there was some music in the entertainment thing so i had the best time listening to the Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John. Its 10pm Japan time but when we land it will be 3pm Europe time. Slowly getting back to normal but i am Determined to take these lessons back with me, chill relax, take time out and stop thinking.
5 1/2 hours at Schipol … we made the best of it! and we found a lovely Asian restaurant/bar really nice dim sum and Gyoza beer, nice end to the trip. Eventually got the plane and had nice snax! Taxi back was all hunky dory.
simply the best holiday ever!

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