Saturday, 29 February 2020

Japan 2020 - Flight and first few days

OH MY GIDDY AUNT!!!! we went to Japan ... I have started writing up each day of my holidays in a notebook,  this makes it so much easier for me to write up the blog post afterwards. I have come to realise in recent years how much looking back at these happy times can help if i am feeling low or in need of a boost.  When work and stuff are dragging me down i often come on here to remember the good times and oh boy this was epic, one of the best!!!!!
12th Feb
Fortunately this wasnt too early a start taxi at 7 am taking us to Glasgow airport, no stress getting through security but i forgot my valentines card for Scoobs!!! I had bought a lovely one but had to hide it and then forgot to pack it .... I managed to get a substitute in WH Smiths!! We had our usual bacon buttie and latte in the airport. Quick hop and a skip to Schipol and a nice easy transfer to flight to Tokyo. I had been a bit worried about the long flight with the joints and everything but it was fine and thinking about it, what a luxury, enforced chill  out time! Eleven hours to read, watch films and snack! First film was Maleficent, i had seen no 2 recently at the cinema so it was good to catch up on no 1, really enjoyed it. I had a great seat too, in the aisle next to the loo, I get a bit anxious about getting access to a loo, always have so this was good for me. Second film was Toy story 4, enjoyed it didnt manage to get to see this one at the cinema.
I do love plane food, all very cute etc but i was so aware of all the packaging and waste. I do have to say that KLM took really good care of us, all very much to time etc.
Scoobs had a ball on the plane, he was at the window and loved seeing us fly over Russia, he couldnt get over the fact we flew over the entire length of Russia!
13th Feb
All a bit of a jet lagged blur! We exchanged our JR pass voucher at the airport for our JR pass, this allowed us to take the Narita Express to Tolyo Central station which is totally amazing by the way! it took us a minute or two to suss out the underground but there were helpers going around who were excellent. We couldnt check into the hotel until 3pm and we got there about 2 ish, the room wasnt ready so we dumped luggage and went in search of some food. Our hotel was in a nice business district of Tokyo.

View from the rooftop

We couldnt see into  a lot of places and were tired and not keen to just wander in without knowing what the place looked like or the kind of food they sold. We eventually found a sushi place which had a good menu outside we could understand. Very proud we didnt fall asleep face first in our sushi!!
We eventually got checked into the hotel after almost falling asleep in the foyer! There was a 7/11 right next to the hotel which was a saviour, we got snax and beer from there, i love the Asahai cooler, nice grapefruit taste!
 Totally knackered!
 Night time view from  hotel room