Saturday, 1 February 2020

January's furtle

Oh fark! I forgot to furtle in January, probs so consumed with b****t 😪 anyhoo onto nicer things. I've been using my jam Martin templates eventually for this diamond primrose block, pretty huh? 
Oh I need a better picture but my tresna shawl is done. Rather chuffed with this 😁
Here is the bigger version of the diamond primrose block top. Really quick to put together. 
I went to Gartmore 😁😁😁 had the usual fabulous time, made good progress with this quilt. Will do a separate post about it. 
Oh yes while at Gartmore I started my jumbo paperclip top, super fab pattern. Not long till I finish it hopefully. 
And that's its for January, even if its a day late 😁


  1. What gorgeous furtling!!! I can’t wait to see the shawl in all its glory! Thanks for furtling!

    1. I must get better picture of it! Thanks for hosting the furtle!

  2. Love the sentiments on your Gartmore quilt.x