Sunday, 19 January 2020

Small victories

Beautiful sunset tonight. I managed to get out and do a small 0.6 mile jogette. No biggie? well yes a huge biggie. Menopause anxiety is kicking my backside every which way just now. Yup work can be stressful,  but i have handled stress before. This is different, the complete and utter rollercoaster of hormones swishing around is utterly brutal, and it comes on out of the blue. So what to do? take solace in the small victories. So a bijoux jogette while the sun goes down is to me like climbing Everest.
My Scoobs took me up to Dollar Castle this morning,  a small victory here too. I have suffered from vertigo ever since i had labyrithinthitis about 12 years ago. So getting up and out onto the roof parapet was a major achievement. So I will just keep on surfing the hormonal surf until it all evens out. Fingers crossed that is soon, Im getting flipping fed up of this!

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