Tuesday, 31 December 2019

December - last furtle of 2019!

Well well! What did December bring in the furtling sphere?? A productive day at Killearn with the #stirlingshirestitch folks brought together my booknerd quilt top. I wont get it done and dusted in 2019, events have overtaken that goal but it will be done very very soon in 2020!
Again events overtook my goal of getting this done with early morning sewing. My vintage home quilt, this was a BOM by Jo Avery for todays quilter magazine a year or so ago. But hey the top is still done just needs quilting, so again hopefully another early 2020 finish!

I had a great visit to the harrogate knitting and stitching show with Ruth and Sheena, just a lovely break, look at the tea room!

And i bought loads of lovely fabric at Purple Stitches, Viv is so sweet!

I finished my I love to sew needlecase, bright and pretty

But sadly my mother was not well. She is a lot better now but i had to spend a lot of time looking after her up North, so all my lovely stitching plans didnt come to fruition. But i did get cracking with my Tresna shawl! I am now almost finished, I learned to wrap and turn, i think i am doing it right!!! not really sure to be honest but hey its a learning curve. I am now playing wool chicken .... can you see how much i have left???? Not sure if its enough but i can always buy more.

I should really mention christmas too shouldnt i! I will hold my hands up and confess i really struggle with Christmas, I could quite happily hibernate the whole month of december. I stress at the thought of presents both giving and recieving. But i did get some lovely presents, thanks to my Amazon wish list! Two Kaffe Fassett books from mam. When i was looking after her i spent a lot of time looking through these and plotting and planning quilts!

I got another two from Scoobs!

 Plus this book, fabulous and it has already paid for itself, I had no idea my presser foot setting for the walking foot was too tight! no wonder my quilting has been really puckered recently, I think it must have been reset when getting serviced. I have been wondering why my quilting was so puckered, been blaming all sorts, but this book sorted it out!

And while we are on it, lets say goodbye to the sewing room! well not totally goodbye just to the colour scheme and layout. I have a few quilts in progress that i want to keep and have on display, we have also been talking about redecorating it for a while too, the blue walls are a bit cold, so we have a huge tub of buttermilk matt emulsion, a very lovely Scoobs who is willing to spend January the first painting! watch this space!

Its been a good 2019, with a fair few ups and downs, but on the whole its been good and that is mostly due to lovely chums and a wonderful scoobs xx


  1. (Let’s try this again.)

    I don’t know how on earth you manage early morning sewing and don’t sew through your fingers - you have my complete admiration! I hope 2020 brings more lovely adventures, starting with a newly decorated and arranged sewing room! I’m declaring 2020 the year of the sewing room (and patio, less excitingly) and am aiming to have thinned and rearranged the contents by the end of the year - I bet you’re finished before I am! Thanks for all your Furtly support this year xx

    1. Thank you! And thanks for hosting the furtle along xx