Sunday, 22 September 2019

Up up and away!

A finish! no 6 on my Q3 FAL list
I love liberty thats a well known fact! i have been lucky enough to get a fairly big stash of it, a lot through various road trips to standfast and barracks to pick up their seconds bargains. So many happy memories in those trips. I am still working my way through those meters and meters of fabric. I also signed up to many liberty stash building clubs. All this means I am very privileged position. Alice Caroline, every year runs an SOS quilt drive for children's villages, there is a quite specific size required which results in quite a long thin quilt. So i am always on the look out for patterns which will  fit. I knew that Sarah Ashfords up and away quilt would be perfect for this. Along with the Fairy Tale Castle quilt I could imagine children flying away in the hot air balloons to the Fairy Tale castles :-). My one and only scoobs, quilt holder extraordinaire was away on his epic trek so i save this up for him coming home. I wanted to give three quilts this year and i just managed it! 
right, I come downstairs to see this waiting for me over the balcony!
and here he IS!!!!! my scoobs with my up and away quilt, lord the light was bad that day but i needed to get these posted, so you make do with what you have.
So we then attempted to show all 3 together ....
Wind not helping ...
Nope, lets try something else ...
Ermmmmm praps not?
Nope not working, lets try something else ....
 OK these were the ones where i almost wet myself when i saw them !!!! Oh my scoobs i do love you ever so much my quilt holding soul mate :-)


  1. That is a super cool quilt! Great finish! Once again, thanks for participating in the 2019 FAL!

  2. Three beauties! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* *waves pompoms* *waves pompoms*

    1. Three pom pom waves 😁😁 made my day 😊