Sunday, 22 September 2019

Not a lone star!

OK this is not a liberty lone star .... hands up who read the deadline for the Alice Caroline quilts incorrectly? .... yup thought it was November ....
OK i promised three so i will deliver 3. Dont tell the minis but i raided Mini Buds scrap pack hoard and had great fun putting together an improv quilt top. I made sure they were all the same height but didnt worry about width, this meant no seam aligning just sew the rows together.
shhhhhhhh i used up some capel 😁😁😁

 Just piles and piles of rows
 Can you see him??? can you see Mini Mini bud!

There was something so so liberating about just going for it,no measuring no aligning, just sew sew sew
 and then WHOOOOOOOOF you have a quilt top.
Trim trim trimity trim and then you have a quilt top!
Flaming awful light ....
Quilt top making was aided by rewatching the Sting, Newman and Redford at their sublime best, yes i know Butch and Sundance yadda yadda i do love it too but this has a special place in my heart.

So fly off to your new home my quilt. I dont think i will know your life but i hope you bring love and comfort to your new owner.


  1. What a gorgeous (and speedy!) quilt! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms*

    1. Your arms will be sore with all this waving! Thank you