Sunday, 29 September 2019

Septembers furtle

1Right september lets be having you, line up in nice reverse chronological order Ta very much.
WHAT A MONTH!!!! OMG so full of sewing and quilty goodness, lets start with yesterday. Well the whole weekend actually! Edinburgh Modern Quilt guild organised a weekend clss with Jenny Haynes, Pappersaxsten. OMG how fab. We were making her cogs and thistles quilt. Totally amazing. and WHAT a fabulous teacher. So attentive and worked so hard, every minute she was on the job. From the minute the class started to the minute it ended she was totally dedicated to looking after us all. What a star.
I had great table mates too, Lovely Helen and Barbara and Lesley from the borders. With Margaret and Ursula in banter distance :-)
 Sheena didnt get on the class so she organised an improv class with Jenny on the Thursday night. I made a twig, I am ridiculously delighted with my twig!
 My main cog, loved using up my batiks, plus a sweet little background fabric i got as a bargain at the FOQ.

 Look who came along!!! he was so well behaved and soopervised me reely well!

 So much love for this lady! , and her quilts ..... OMG
 The new venue for the Edinburgh modern quilt guild, Inch house, fabulous venue, lovely staff.
 awwwww, mini mini bud caught up with his Aunty Cat!

 And Kippa! Aunty Cat always has the best shoes!

 Oh yes, this got done! OMCOC done entirely in Lucy Engles fabric!
 This is all i have left of my collection of Lucys fabric! Ive been collecting since she first started printing ... yup, i wont lie. Cutting into this bunch was very hard!
 The cream fabric is one of the very first Lucy ever made
 Ditto pink at the bottom
 Right what else?? I went to the Region 16 area day. Dawn Cameron Dick gave the first talk, really enjoyed this.

Oh her basket of flowers quilts for her late aunt, what a sad story.

 My Scoobs was away for 4 weeks, I may have been over excited to have him back :-)

 But I put him straight to work holding quilts! these three are off to Alice Caroline for their 2019 quiltSOS
 Not really crafty related but this is my chum Andy, me him and Jacky go out several times a year. Andy doesnt do social media so i have no pictures of us together, hes a good chum.
Budsmam over and out for september.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Not a lone star!

OK this is not a liberty lone star .... hands up who read the deadline for the Alice Caroline quilts incorrectly? .... yup thought it was November ....
OK i promised three so i will deliver 3. Dont tell the minis but i raided Mini Buds scrap pack hoard and had great fun putting together an improv quilt top. I made sure they were all the same height but didnt worry about width, this meant no seam aligning just sew the rows together.
shhhhhhhh i used up some capel 😁😁😁

 Just piles and piles of rows
 Can you see him??? can you see Mini Mini bud!

There was something so so liberating about just going for it,no measuring no aligning, just sew sew sew
 and then WHOOOOOOOOF you have a quilt top.
Trim trim trimity trim and then you have a quilt top!
Flaming awful light ....
Quilt top making was aided by rewatching the Sting, Newman and Redford at their sublime best, yes i know Butch and Sundance yadda yadda i do love it too but this has a special place in my heart.

So fly off to your new home my quilt. I dont think i will know your life but i hope you bring love and comfort to your new owner.

Up up and away!

A finish! no 6 on my Q3 FAL list
I love liberty thats a well known fact! i have been lucky enough to get a fairly big stash of it, a lot through various road trips to standfast and barracks to pick up their seconds bargains. So many happy memories in those trips. I am still working my way through those meters and meters of fabric. I also signed up to many liberty stash building clubs. All this means I am very privileged position. Alice Caroline, every year runs an SOS quilt drive for children's villages, there is a quite specific size required which results in quite a long thin quilt. So i am always on the look out for patterns which will  fit. I knew that Sarah Ashfords up and away quilt would be perfect for this. Along with the Fairy Tale Castle quilt I could imagine children flying away in the hot air balloons to the Fairy Tale castles :-). My one and only scoobs, quilt holder extraordinaire was away on his epic trek so i save this up for him coming home. I wanted to give three quilts this year and i just managed it! 
right, I come downstairs to see this waiting for me over the balcony!
and here he IS!!!!! my scoobs with my up and away quilt, lord the light was bad that day but i needed to get these posted, so you make do with what you have.
So we then attempted to show all 3 together ....
Wind not helping ...
Nope, lets try something else ...
Ermmmmm praps not?
Nope not working, lets try something else ....
 OK these were the ones where i almost wet myself when i saw them !!!! Oh my scoobs i do love you ever so much my quilt holding soul mate :-)

My scoobs

Is home
Me in departures

Starting the mamoth feeding up :-)

Scoobs stubble :-) he shaved off before coming home

Scoobs crossing the arctic circle!
My scoobs is home, all is well, he had an adventure and that is what it is all about.